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[[War Axe]] 91,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[War Axe]] 91,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Amber Staff]] 18,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Amber Staff]] 18,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Sapphire Hammer]] 7,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Sapphire Hammer]] 15,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Lunar Staff]] 5,000 [[gp]]<br>
[[Lunar Staff]] 9,000 [[gp]]<br>
[[Diamond Sceptre]] 3,000 [[gp]]<br>
[[Diamond Sceptre]] 5,000 [[gp]]<br>
[[Dragonbone Staff]] 3,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Dragonbone Staff]] 5,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Beastslayer Axe]] 1,500 [[gp]], <br>
[[Beastslayer Axe]] 4,500 [[gp]], <br>
[[Wyvern Fang]] 1,500 [[gp]], <br>
[[Wyvern Fang]] 2,500 [[gp]], <br>
[[Daramanian Waraxe]] 1,000 [[gp]]<br>
[[Daramanian Waraxe]] 2,000 [[gp]]<br>
[[Crystal Sword]] 600 [[gp]], <br>
[[Crystal Sword]] 900 [[gp]], <br>
[[Taurus Mace]] 500 [[gp]]<br>
[[Taurus Mace]] 900 [[gp]]<br>
[[Mammoth Whopper]] 300 [[gp]]<br>
[[Mammoth Whopper]] 990 [[gp]]<br>
[[Daramanian Mace]] 110 [[gp]]<br>
[[Daramanian Mace]] 910 [[gp]]<br>
[[Heavy Machete]] 90 [[gp]]<br>
[[Heavy Machete]] 500 [[gp]]<br>
[[Espadinha Furiosa do Caos]] 1,999,000 [[gp]]<br>
[[Magic Plate Armor]] 460,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Magic Plate Armor]] 460,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Dragon Scale Mail]] 40,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Dragon Scale Mail]] 70,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Dwarven Armor]] 30,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Dwarven Armor]] 90,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Golden Armor]] 20,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Golden Armor]] 40,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Mammoth Fur Cape]] 6,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Mammoth Fur Cape]] 6,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Leopard Armor]] 1000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Leopard Armor]] 10,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Pirate Shirt]] 500 [[gp]], <br>
[[Pirate Shirt]] 1,500 [[gp]], <br>
[[Zumbi's Armor]] 3,000,000 [[gp]] <br>
[[Skull Helmet]] 40,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Skull Helmet]] 40,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Beholder Helmet]] 7,500 [[gp]], <br>
[[Beholder Helmet]] 40,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Devil Helmet]] 1,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Devil Helmet]] 1,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Pirate Hat]] 1,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Pirate Hat]] 1,000 [[gp]], <br>
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'''Legs and boots:'''<br>
'''Legs and boots:'''<br>
[[Steel Boots]] 30,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Steel Boots]] 60,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Pirate Boots]] 3,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Pirate Boots]] 3,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Fur Boots]] 2,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Fur Boots]] 2,000 [[gp]], <br>
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[[Demon Shield]] 30,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Demon Shield]] 50,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Medusa Shield]] 1,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Medusa Shield]] 1,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Castle Shield]] 1,000 [[gp]], <br>
[[Castle Shield]] 1,000 [[gp]], <br>

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Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Unknown.
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Unknown.
Occupational Properties
Job Travelling Salesman
Other Properties
Version Unknown.
Status Active
You see Rashid.
NPC Bubble D




You need to win his trust before selling any items to him.

Trade Details



Giant Sword 45,000 gp,
Dragon Slayer 30,000 gp,
War Axe 91,000 gp,
Amber Staff 18,000 gp,
Sapphire Hammer 15,000 gp,
Lunar Staff 9,000 gp
Diamond Sceptre 5,000 gp
Dragonbone Staff 5,000 gp,
Beastslayer Axe 4,500 gp,
Wyvern Fang 2,500 gp,
Daramanian Waraxe 2,000 gp
Crystal Sword 900 gp,
Taurus Mace 900 gp
Mammoth Whopper 990 gp
Daramanian Mace 910 gp
Heavy Machete 500 gp
Espadinha Furiosa do Caos 1,999,000 gp

Magic Plate Armor 460,000 gp,
Dragon Scale Mail 70,000 gp,
Dwarven Armor 90,000 gp,
Golden Armor 40,000 gp,
Mammoth Fur Cape 6,000 gp,
Leopard Armor 10,000 gp,
Pirate Shirt 1,500 gp,
Zumbi's Armor 3,000,000 gp

Skull Helmet 40,000 gp,
Beholder Helmet 40,000 gp,
Devil Helmet 1,000 gp,
Pirate Hat 1,000 gp,
Ragnir Helmet 400 gp,

Legs and boots:
Steel Boots 60,000 gp,
Pirate Boots 3,000 gp,
Fur Boots 2,000 gp,
Crocodile Boots 1,000 gp,
Pirate Knee Breeches 200 gp,

Demon Shield 50,000 gp,
Medusa Shield 1,000 gp,
Castle Shield 1,000 gp,
Scarab Shield 1,000 gp,
Dark Shield 400 gp,
Tortoise Shield 1,500 gp,
Bone Shield 80 gp,

Ancient Amulet 200 gp,
Scarab Amulet 200 gp,

Light Shovel 500 gp,





To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Rashid.

Player: hi
Rashid: Ah, a customer! Be greeted, Player!
Player: job or customer
Rashid: I am a travelling trader. I don't buy everything, though. And not from everyone, for that matter.
Player: name
Rashid: I am Rashid, son of the desert.
Player: offers or trade
Rashid: Of course, old friend. You can also browse only armor, legs, shields, helmets, boots, weapons, enchanted weapons, jewelry or miscellaneous stuff.
Player: offers or trade (without quest)
Rashid: Sorry, but you do not belong to my exclusive customers. I have to make sure that I can trust in the quality of your wares.
Player: mission (wrong day)
Rashid: I'm not in the mood to talk about that right now. Come find me on another day.
Player: ab'dendriel
Rashid: Elves... I don't really trust them. All this talk about nature and flowers and treehugging... I'm sure there's some wicked scheme behind all this.
Player: ankrahmun
Rashid: My beloved hometown! Ah, the sweet scent of the desert sands, the perfect shape of the pyramids... stunningly beautiful.
Player: carlin
Rashid: I have to go to Carlin once in a while, since the queen wishes to see my exclusive wares in regular intervals.
Player: cormaya
Rashid: Cormaya? Not a good place to make business, it's way too far and small.
Player: darashia
Rashid: It's not the real thing, but almost as good. The merchants there claim ridiculous prices, which is fine for my own business.
Player: edron
Rashid: Ah yes, Edron! Such a lovely and quiet island! I usually make some nice business there.
Player: fibula
Rashid: Too few customers there, it's not worth the trip.
Player: greenshore
Rashid: Um... I don't think so.
Player: kazordoon
Rashid: I don't like being underground much. I also tend to get lost in these labyrinthine dwarven tunnels, so I rather avoid them.
Player: liberty bay
Rashid: When you avoid the slums, it's a really pretty city. Almost as pretty as the governor's daughter.
Player: northport
Rashid: Um... I don't think so.
Player: port hope
Rashid: I like the settlement itself, but I don't set my foot into the jungle. Have you seen the size of these centipedes??
Player: senja
Rashid: Um... I don't think so.
Player: svargrond
Rashid: I wish it was a little bit warmer there, but with a good mug of barbarian mead in your tummy everything gets a lot cosier.
Player: thais
Rashid: I feel uncomfortable and rather unsafe in Thais, so I don't really travel there.
Player: vega
Rashid: Um... I don't think so.
Player: venore
Rashid: Although it's the flourishing trade centre of Tibia, I don't like going there. Too much competition for my taste.
Player: time
Rashid: It's almost time to journey on.
Player: king
Rashid: Kings, queens, emperors and kaliphs... everyone claims to be different and unique, but actually it's the same thing everywhere.
Player: bye
Rashid: Farewell, Player, may the winds guide your way.

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