The labels of creature loot rareness are 'always', 'common', 'uncommon', 'semi-rare', 'rare' and 'very rare'. No distinction between regular and boss creatures is made.

Rareness Drop Chance Example (from Demons' loot)
Always = 100% Some items from quest or event creatures
Platinum Coin Common 100% to 25% Platinum Coin
Demonic Essence Uncommon 25% to 5% Demonic Essence
Fire Axe Semi-rare 5% to 1% Fire Axe
Demon Shield Rare 1% to 0.5% Demon Shield
Magic Plate Armor Very Rare < 0.5% Magic Plate Armor

The names and percentages of these labels are in accordance to Bestiary's rareness classification. Please, post on the talk page if you have any suggestions.

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