The Rare set is composed mainly of items that are rare and expensive and generally only obtained after level 100. Some of these items could be a Magic Plate Armor, Demon Armor, Backpack of Holding, a pair of Golden Legs or Demon Legs, Demon Helmet, Golden Helmet or Helmet of the Ancients (Enchanted), Mastermind Shield or Great Shield, Sword of Valor, Emerald Sword or Stonecutter Axe, Amulet of Loss, and a pair of Boots of Haste, Steel Boots, Golden Boots or Soft Boots, Ring of the Sky, and Amulet of Loss. Two-handed weapons could be either Avenger, Arcane Staff or Arbalest. Rare sets usually contain the best items available in your world.
Amulet of Loss
Magic Sword
Gold Ring
Demon Helmet
Magic Plate Armor
Golden Legs
Boots of Haste
Backpack of Holding
Mastermind Shield
Frozen Starlight
Broken Amulet
Dark Trinity Mace
Ring of Wishes
Helmet of the Ancients (Enchanted)
Royal Draken Mail
Dwarven Legs
Guardian Boots
Backpack of Holding
Necromancer Shield
The Stomper
Koshei's Ancient Amulet
The Epiphany
Ring of Wishes
Golden Helmet
Magic Plate Armor
Dragon Scale Legs
Golden Boots
Backpack of Holding
Blessed Shield
Magic Longsword
Amulet of Loss
Solar Axe
Ring of the Sky
Demon Helmet
Demon Armor
Demon Legs
Firewalker Boots
Backpack of Holding
Fiery Rainbow Shield
Demonwing Axe
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