Rapid Respawn Event

During Rapid Respawn Events, non-boss creatures respawn faster than they usually do.

During the first event edition, the creatures respawned two times faster than the regular respawn rate. Since this rate was not considered too different, the following events were changed to ten times faster respawn. After the duplication of the general respawn rate on September 11, 2018, the event was changed to five times faster respawn, which in practice is equivalent to the 10x rate applied before. This event is additive with the Improved Respawn System meaning the creatures on a Improved Respawn Rate area will have a 7x faster respawn (14x under the older respawn rate). This is also additive with the Boosted Creature's respawn rate.

Since the usual respawn rate rules still apply, the exact respawn rate will still depend on factors such as the number of online players on a given Game Worlds. The faster respawn only applies to creatures with a monster home (i.e. creatures from Raids such as the Midnight Panther are not affected), but special creatures and bosses (such as the Black Knight, Pharaohs, Deepling Bosses, Falcon minibosses, etc) are also not affected to avoid spoiling their precious loot.

Due to the high popularity of these events among players, they were added to the regular calendar of monthly events, currently alternating with Double Experience and Skill Events.

These events may be a good opportunity to try different hunting strategies, such as:

  • Hunting on spawns that would be otherwise too small for your character or party;
  • Hunting with a larger party without running out of creatures to kill;
  • Killing weak creatures that you are interested in to unlock in the Bestiary;
  • Sharing disputed spawns with another player or party without lowering your experience per hour or loot;
  • Camping bosses that drop good loot, such as The Inquisition Quest bosses or Deepling bosses. Bosses respawn rate was only affected by the first two Rapid Respawn Events.

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