Property Value
General Properties
Name Ransom Note
Item ID 25687
Classification Utilities
Quest Objects
Other Properties
Walk Speed The same as for the floor underneath.
Version 11.40
July 25, 2017
Status Active
Ransom Note.gif
You see a ransom note.


Someone is desperate for money.
It looks the same as a Crude Primitive Printout, Narsai's List, Rita's Letter, a Sheet of Paper, a Sheet of Tracing Paper (Full), Shimun's List, Tefrit's List, a Torn Out Page and Yonan's List.

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Part of the Cults of Tibia Quest.
It will display the following message once you use it:
Dear curator, this recently opened museum is a really nice place to be.
But wait! What about the empty space in front of you? What a pity!
It seems that somebody has removed one of the beautiful pictures. But come on! You have the money and we need it.
So for a small expense allowance you'll get it back. Just talk to Iwar in Kazordoon for further information.
Ask him: Has the cat got your tongue?
Spoiler ends here.
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