You see a ransom note.


Someone is desperate for money.
It looks the same as a Crude Primitive Printout, Narsai's List, Rita's Letter, a Sheet of Paper, a Sheet of Tracing Paper (Full), Shimun's List, Tefrit's List, a Torn Out Page and Yonan's List.
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Part of the Cults of Tibia Quest.
It will display the following message once you use it:
Dear curator, this recently opened museum is a really nice place to be.
But wait! What about the empty space in front of you? What a pity!
It seems that somebody has removed one of the beautiful pictures. But come on! You have the money and we need it.
So for a small expense allowance you'll get it back. Just talk to Iwar in Kazordoon for further information.
Ask him: Has the cat got your tongue?
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