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North-west in Thais


Rain Castle is home to King Tibianus in northwest Thais. It is on an island at the end of Royal Avenue located west of the north gate, north of the boat, and northeast of the depot.

The main entrance is across a bridge and through the gate guarded by Baxter leading into the courtyard where Bozo the royal jester entertains.

The west room on the ground floor is a storage and supply room. A nearby stairwell leads to the basement which contains the locked Treasure Vault as well as some more storage and a large and small guest room with enough beds for 6 and 3 guests, respectively. There is also a small kitchen.

The north area from the courtyard contains the royal kitchen and sleeping quarters for the cook and possibly for the royal jester or a guest.

Upstairs north of the courtyard is the royal throne room where King Tibianus III reigns. He is protected on either side by his two guards, Stutch and Harsky. The royal painter, Vad Inchi as well as the royal poodle, Noodles, also reside here throughout the day. Here citizens and guests can come to ask the king for his blessing, if they are willing to part with some gold.

The left side of the throne rooms leads to the king's personal chambers. Upstairs lives the royal courtmage, Trimegis, who advises the king on many matters. Across from him are the Thais Royal Archives.

It is well known that the Orcs are in a war with Thais and rumours tell that they are even trying to attack from within the city and have dug a tunnel that leads right inside the castle.

Rain Castle NPCs: