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Rahmen Tah and the Vizier, Part I
In the second year of the reign of pharaoh Rahmen Tah there was a vizier who was said to consort with demons and to tamper with the powers of oblivion. He lived in a majestic tower that stood on a little island close the harbour. It was a marvel to behold, made of black glass and gold, and everybody who looked at it was filled with an eerie sense of foreboding. The vizier was rumoured to be so powerful that no one dared to bring him to justice. Even Rahmen Tah himself feared the power of his vizier, and he did not dare to send troops against the vizier. Finally he called for his chief astrologer and mathematician, the wise Athem, and asked him for advice. Athem listened quietly to the words of his pharaoh. After he had finished Athem ask his pharaoh for some time to think everything over. Reluctantly the pharaoh agreed.

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