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Rahmen Tah and the Vizier, Part II
After a week had passed the mathematician returned. His advice was this: The pharaoh should order a huge celebration to be held, and all pyramids should be adorned with flowers and flags. The pharaoh who trusted in the wisdom of his advisor ordered his people to prepare for the celebration. While the people did as their pharaoh had ordered them to do Athem began to build a huge wooden machine on top of the royal pyramid. No one took much notice of it because of the preparations that were going on. On the fourth day when the celebration was scheduled to start the pharaoh sent an invitation to his vizier and asked him to join in their festivity. As Athem had foreseen the vizier declined because he suspected that there was a trap. Instead he sat in the observatory at the top of his tower and watched the city because he wanted to find out what the pharaoh was up to. Too late did he understand that the construct on top of the pyramid was in fact an enormous catapult. Suddenly a huge boulder was hurled in his direction. The shot had been perfectly calculated, and it hit its mark with amazing precision. The top of the dark tower shattered and the evil vizier was crushed underneath tons of basalt. His death caused the dark magic to disappear, and the tower sank into the ocean forever.

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