You see Rahkem
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  • Please, not so loud, not so loud. Some of us are trying to rest in peace here.


Temple of citizenship, Ankrahmun.


Says the temple is where we mourn our mortal existence. Our flesh is our weakness and our curse, the bait for all the trials and tribulations the false gods let loose on the world.

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Trade Details


This NPC does not buy anything.


SpellVoc.Req. LevelPrice
Animate Dead.gifAnimate DeadDruids271,200 Gold
Apprentice's Strike.gifApprentice's StrikeDruids80 Gold
Avalanche.gifAvalancheDruids301,200 Gold
Cancel Magic Shield.gifCancel Magic ShieldDruids14450 Gold
Chameleon.gifChameleonDruids271,300 Gold
Chill Out.gifChill OutDruids10 Gold
Convince Creature.gifConvince CreatureDruids16800 Gold
Creature Illusion.gifCreature IllusionDruids231,000 Gold
Cure Bleeding.gifCure BleedingDruids452,500 Gold
Cure Burning.gifCure BurningDruids302,000 Gold
Cure Electrification.gifCure ElectrificationDruids221,000 Gold
Cure Poison.gifCure PoisonDruids10150 Gold
Cure Poison Rune.gifCure Poison RuneDruids15600 Gold
Destroy Field.gifDestroy FieldDruids17700 Gold
Disintegrate.gifDisintegrateDruids21900 Gold
Energy Field.gifEnergy FieldDruids18700 Gold
Energy Strike.gifEnergy StrikeDruids12800 Gold
Energy Wall.gifEnergy WallDruids412,500 Gold
Envenom.gifEnvenomDruids506,000 Gold
Explosion.gifExplosionDruids311,800 Gold
Find Fiend.gifFind FiendDruids251,000 Gold
Find Person.gifFind PersonDruids880 Gold
Fire Bomb.gifFire BombDruids271,500 Gold
Fire Field.gifFire FieldDruids15500 Gold
Fire Wall.gifFire WallDruids332,000 Gold
Flame Strike.gifFlame StrikeDruids14800 Gold
Food (Spell).gifFood (Spell)Druids14300 Gold
Great Light.gifGreat LightDruids13500 Gold
Haste.gifHasteDruids14600 Gold
Heal Friend.gifHeal FriendDruids18800 Gold
Heavy Magic Missile.gifHeavy Magic MissileDruids251,500 Gold
Ice Strike.gifIce StrikeDruids15800 Gold
Ice Wave.gifIce WaveDruids18850 Gold
Icicle.gifIcicleDruids281,700 Gold
Intense Healing.gifIntense HealingDruids20350 Gold
Intense Healing Rune.gifIntense Healing RuneDruids15600 Gold
Invisible.gifInvisibleDruids352,000 Gold
Levitate.gifLevitateDruids12500 Gold
Light.gifLightDruids80 Gold
Light Healing.gifLight HealingDruids80 Gold
Light Magic Missile.gifLight Magic MissileDruids15500 Gold
Magic Patch.gifMagic PatchDruids10 Gold
Magic Rope.gifMagic RopeDruids9200 Gold
Magic Shield.gifMagic ShieldDruids14450 Gold
Mass Healing.gifMass HealingDruids362,200 Gold
Mud Attack.gifMud AttackDruids10 Gold
Nature's Embrace.gifNature's EmbraceDruids300500,000 Gold
Paralyse.gifParalyseDruids541,900 Gold
Physical Strike.gifPhysical StrikeDruids16800 Gold
Poison Bomb.gifPoison BombDruids251,000 Gold
Poison Field.gifPoison FieldDruids14300 Gold
Poison Wall.gifPoison WallDruids291,600 Gold
Restoration.gifRestorationDruids300500,000 Gold
Soulfire.gifSoulfireDruids271,800 Gold
Stalagmite.gifStalagmiteDruids241,400 Gold
Stone Shower.gifStone ShowerDruids281,100 Gold
Strong Haste.gifStrong HasteDruids201,300 Gold
Strong Ice Strike.gifStrong Ice StrikeDruids806,000 Gold
Strong Ice Wave.gifStrong Ice WaveDruids407,500 Gold
Strong Terra Strike.gifStrong Terra StrikeDruids706,000 Gold
Summon Creature.gifSummon CreatureDruids252,000 Gold
Summon Druid Familiar.gifSummon Druid FamiliarDruids20050,000 Gold
Terra Strike.gifTerra StrikeDruids13800 Gold
Terra Wave.gifTerra WaveDruids382,500 Gold
Ultimate Healing.gifUltimate HealingDruids301,000 Gold
Ultimate Healing Rune.gifUltimate Healing RuneDruids241,500 Gold
Ultimate Light.gifUltimate LightDruids261,600 Gold


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Player: mourn
Rahkem: We mortals are all to be mourned for our prison of flesh. Only through loyal servitude to the pharaoh, praised be his existence, may we escape this prison and find our true destiny.
Player: pharaoh
Rahkem: Our immortal ruler, may he be blessed, is the keeper of our enlightenment and our saviour.
Player: job
Rahkem: I am a humble preacher of the true revelation in the temple of the mourned flesh. I heal and teach magic spells to those who are spiritual enough.
Player: temple
Rahkem: Here we mourn our mortal existence. Our flesh is our weakness and our curse, the bait for all the trials and tribulations the false gods let loose on the world.
Player: false gods
Rahkem: The so-called gods are just the weakest of their kind. They are pitiful remnants from the terrible godswar between the elder gods which tore the universe appart.
Player: spiritual
Rahkem: I see you received the spiritual shielding in the whiteflower temple south of Thais.
Player: blessings
Rahkem: There are five different blessings available in five sacred places. These blessings are: the spiritual shielding, the spark of the phoenix, the embrace of tibia, the fire of the suns and the wisdom of solitude.
Player: spark
Rahkem: I can sense that the spark of the phoenix already was given to you by the dwarven priests of earth and fire in Kazordoon.
Player: embrace
Rahkem: I can sense the druids north of Carlin provided you with the embrace of tibia.
Player: fire of the suns
Rahkem: I can see you received the blessing of the two suns in the suntower near Ab'Dendriel.
Player: wisdom
Rahkem: I can sense you already talked to the hermit Eremo on the isle of Cormaya and received this blessing.
Player: Thais
Rahkem: The cities that bow to the false gods will be afflicted with plague and fear until they embrace the wisdom of the pharaoh.
Player: godswar
Rahkem: In ancient times the elder gods waged war upon each other. Those that call themselves gods today were the lowest of their minions. When the last of the true gods died the great suffering begun.
Player: Kazordoon
Rahkem: The dwarves suffered, but they have drawn wrong conclusions. If they do not listen to the revelations of our immortal pharaoh, pain and grief will prove to be better teachers this time.
Player: sacred places
Rahkem: Just ask in which of the five blessings you are interested in.
Player: Ab'dendriel
Rahkem: The foolish elves hold on to life too hard to see the way to salvation. However, if we teach them to remove the shackles of flesh through pain and suffering, they might begin to see their mistake.
Player: time
Rahkem: Time is a tool in the hands of the false gods, but it also serves to free us from our mortal prisons.
Player: great suffering
Rahkem: The universe is dying. Death placed his mark on everything. Only the pharaoh can grant us freedom from mortality and open up the path of true ascension to us.
Player: mortality
Rahkem: Mortality is our prison. It makes us vulnerable for the temptations of the false gods.
Player: ascension
Rahkem: The sentient beings are all that is left of the essence of the elder gods. We can awake the dormant powers that slumber in us all. But ascension is a thorny path to follow.
Player: thorny path
Rahkem: Our mortal shells make us vulnerable to the temptations of the false gods. Only by leaving our mortality behind, we can study the true path of ascension. The balance of Akh'rah Uthun has to be changed to our favour.
Player: balance
Rahkem: As long as it is mortal the body breeds temptations and distractions. Its needs make it easy for the false gods to lead us from the path of enlightenment and to ultimately steal our souls.
Player: akh'rah uthun
Rahkem: The Akh'rah Uthun is the unity of the Akh, our body, the Rah, our soul and the Uthun, our memories and experiences.
Player: Akh
Rahkem: Your flesh is traitorous and weak. The pharaoh grants the power to conquer death to those who serve him well. Once they have entered this state of being neither dead nor alive they are ready to enter the path of ascension.
Player: Rah
Rahkem: The Rah is the ultimate treasure. The false gods need the stolen Rah to sustain their usurped powers.
Player: Uthun
Rahkem: The memory is what makes our personality. It is what defines us ... and its utterly worthless to the gods. For this reason destroy it to harvest our Rah.
Player: steal our souls
Rahkem: When a mortal is bound to one of the false gods by his faith this god will harvest his Rah on his death and strip away his Uthun, casting it into the void.
Player: undeath
Rahkem: Undeath is freedom from mortal needs. It is the first obvious step to divinity.
Player: Darashia
Rahkem: The followers of Daraman suffer the curse of the flesh. They can't reach ascension because they never really take the all-important initial step - they only pretend to do so.
Player: Daraman
Rahkem: The continent was named after Daraman, the prophet during the reign of Ashmunrah. The new pharaoh acknowledged the power that is in names and did not change the name when he acceded to the throne.
Player: Ankrahmun
Rahkem: This city is a marvel of old. Our forefathers built it here on the ruins of an even older civilisation.
Player: initial step
Rahkem: In his preachings Daraman taught that you can conquer the tempations of the flesh through denial. However, the truth is that this constant struggle between temptation and the will blurs your vision, so no follower of Daraman can focus on ascension.
Player: Ashmunrah
Rahkem: The foolish old pharaoh withheld knowledge and power from his son, knowing that he would surpass him in every aspect. But in his infinite mercy his son granted him the chance to ascend.
Player: Tibia
Rahkem: It is likely that our world is a part of one of the dead true gods or one of his manifestations that somehow escaped destruction. We must assume this is all that is left of the original universe.
Player: scarabs
Rahkem: The eternal burrowers are the keepers of all the secrets their kind has unearthed in countless aeons.
Player: ashes
Rahkem: Whenever you receive a lethal wound your lifeforce is damaged. With every single of the five blessings you have this damage will be reduced.
Player: arena
Rahkem: The arena is a fitting place to test your mortal shell and to feed the power of the Rah and the Uthun.
Player: Uman
Rahkem: The beings Uman and Zathroth merged forever in the blaze that followed when the last of the true gods perished.