You see Raffael
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • Get your shovels, ropes and torches here!
  • Do you need health potions, young knight? All the potions you could wish for are here!
  • Aaaaaall basic equipment for your adventure at Raffael's!
  • If you don't want to spend your money, I can also deposit it on your bank account for you. Or even better, withdraw it so you can shop!
  • Lost in the dark and out of mana to cast a light spell? Buy a torch now!
  • Cheapest offers on the whole island! - Well, the only offers!
  • Special offers for premium customers!
  • Don't leave for mainland without stopping by!


North on the Island of Destiny


Sells equipment you may need on the mainland and buys equipment you will no longer need from Rookgaard, you can also access your bank account at him.