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Quests are in-game challenges where a player or group of players solve challenging riddles or puzzles for a special reward; some quests in fact involve challenging Monsters a lot of time. Most quests rewards can only be obtained once per character, but some have Repeatable Tasks which can be done many times.

Quests are typically started by talking with NPCs, by asking them for missions or just generally discussing with them. Other quests are more simple and consist of exploring a cave to find a reward box.

Note: all quests on Rookgaard can be reached on level 1 through Route:Level 1.

See Quests/Version for the lists of quests with their respective release versions.

Newbie Islands Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Bear Room Quest 0 6 Rookgaard main cave. Chain Armor, Brass Helmet, 12 Arrows and 40 gp
Captain Iglues Treasure Quest 0 5 Below the Rookgaard Poison Spider tower. Treasure of Captain Iglue (Book) and some Salmon.
Child of Destiny Quest 0 ? Festival of Initiates Mean Knight Sword, Studded Shield, Small Health Potion, Sorc and Druid Staff, 3 Meat, 3 Mean Paladin Spears, 10 Lightest Magic Missile Runes, 1 Mana Potion
Combat Knife Quest 0 1 Rookgaard Combat Knife
Dawnport Quest 2 - 20 2 Dawnport 350 Gold Coins.
Doublet Quest 0 1 Tom's Stable on Rookgaard Doublet
Dragon Corpse Quest 0 5 Deep in Rookgaard wilderness. Bag containing Copper Shield and Legion Helmet.
Goblin Temple Quest 0 6 Rookgaard Goblin Temple 50 gp, 4 Snowballs, 5 Small Stones, Sandals, Pan and a Vial of Milk.
Katana Quest 0 6 Rookgaard, Rotworm Dungeon under graves here Katana, Viking Helmet, Key 4603
Minotaur Hell Quest 0 6 Rookgaard Carlin Sword, 4 Poison Arrows, 10 Arrows and a Fishing Rod
Rapier Quest 0 1 Rookgaard sewers Rapier
Sanctuary of the Lizard God Quest 2 - 20 4 Dawnport wilderness Legion Helmet
The Rookie Guard Quest 0 - 5 2 Rookgaard Sabre, Sword, Brass Helmet, Studded Armor, Leather Legs, Leather Boots, Studded Shield, Brass Shield, Garlic Necklace, Silver Amulet, Star Ring, Antidote Potion, Fleshy Bone, Tarantula Trap, Rolling Pin (Rookgaard), Small Ruby, 350 Gold Coins, Pick. Along the way, other rewards in boxes include 30 Eggs, 7 Small Health Potions, 5-10 Brown Mushrooms and Your Student Book.
Tutorial 0 ? Beneath Dawnport. Backpack, Rope, Torch, 3 Gold Coins.
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Newbie Islands Exchange Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Pick Quest 0 4 Rookgaard. Small Axe that you can exchange for Pick.
Present Quest 0 6 Near the Bear Room Quest. Backpack containing Jug, Plate, Cup and a Present or a Legion Helmet.
Short Sword Quest 0 2 Rookgaard. Notebook or Short Sword.
Small Health Potion Quest 0 6 Premium side of Rookgaard. Small Health Potion.
Studded Legs Quest 0 5 North-west side of Rookgaard. Honey Flower that you can change for Studded Legs
Studded Shield Quest 0 3 North-east Rookgaard. Banana which can be traded for a Studded Shield

Newbie Islands Addon Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Citizen Outfits Quest on Rook 0 6 Norma (Hat) and Amber (Backpack) Addons for the Citizen Outfits
Outfit Citizen Male Addon 3 Outfit Citizen Female Addon 3
Druid Outfits Quest on Rook 0 5 Tom Paws Addon for the Druid Outfits
Outfit Druid Male Addon 1 Outfit Druid Female Addon 1

Note that the "level" is associating with level doors and other barriers. This doesn't mean it is recommended to go to the quest at that level.

Mainland Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
20 Years a Cook Quest 350+ Venore, Kazordoon, Ghostlands, Edron, Gray Beach, Plains of Havoc, Ankrahmun, Meriana, Muggy Plains Access to Bulltaur Lair and Nimmersatt's Breeding Ground, and the base Draccoon Herald Outfits.
Outfit Draccoon Herald Male Outfit Draccoon Herald Female
25 Years of Tibia Quest 20 100 Thais, Time Travel Dungeon First Achievement achievement and base Formal Dress Outfits Outfit Formal Dress Male Outfit Formal Dress Female
A Father's Burden Quest 25 50+ Edron, Zao Wailing Widow Cave, Isle of the Kings, Barbarian Settlements, Dwarf Mines, Thais Dragon Lair, Banuta, Ankrahmun Tombs 28,000 exp, 8,000 gp, Old Cape
A Pirate's Death to Me 0 8 Thais Lighthouse, cave below Calcanea and Ghost Ship. 4 Achievements (11 total points), 20 Platinum Coins and a Pirates Surprise in a Pirate Bag for each successful journey and 10% more Experience points for some undead creatures if the world reach 50 successful journeys.
A Pirate's Tail Quest 0 250 Venore, Rascacoon, The Wreckoning Krakoloss mount, Snowbash, Mossmasher, Sandscourge or Bladespark Familiar (depending on the vocation) and its respective figurine, basic Rascoohan Outfits and the achievements Pied Piper and Release the Kraken.
Adorned UH Rune Quest 0 40 Edron Hero Cave. Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing).
Adventures of Galthen Quest 250 250 Bounac, Edron, Port Hope Surroundings, Iksupan * Galthen and the Lost Queen: Royal Bounacean Advisor Outfits, Violet Tulip, Woodcarver Achievement, Galthen's Satchel, Artefact Box
Against the Spider Cult Quest 42? 45 Edron Orc Cave Terra Amulet
Alawar's Vault Quest 0 25 Senja/Folda 3 White Pearls, Broadsword, Dark Helmet, 4 Throwing Knives, Blank Rune, 33gp, Key 4501, Key 4502, Key 4503.
An Interest In Botany Quest 0 50+ Farmine, Zao Wailing Widow Cave 1,000 gp, Sedge Hat, 3000 exp.
An Uneasy Alliance Quest 0? 70+ Zao. 2x Tome of Knowledge, experience and gold coins
Arito's Task Quest 0 20 Ankrahmun and Kha'Zeel 50 Platinum Coins
Asura Palace Quest 0 200+ Asura Palace. 3 Small Rubies, 3 Small Sapphires, loot of The Flaming Orchid, achievement Lost Palace Raider (if the further requirements are met).
Barbarian Arena Quest 0 30+ Svargrond A choice out of 5 different rewards per difficulty, as well as a Bronze, Silver or Golden Goblet with inscribed text. The achievement Warlord of Svargrond.
Barbarian Axe Quest 0 40 Edron Orc Cave Barbarian Axe, Scimitar
Barbarian Test Quest 0 25 Svargrond Mead Horn, ability to fight in the Svargrond Arena, ability to become a citizen of Svargrond, ability to travel with Buddel, ability to start the Ice Islands Quest.
Battle Axe Quest 0 8 Thais sewers Battle Axe
Behemoth Quest 80 80 Edron (Cyclopolis) Demon Shield, Golden Armor, Guardian Halberd, Platinum Amulet, Life Ring, Crystal Ring, 3 Small Diamonds, 4 Small Sapphires
Berserk Potion Quest 0 50+ Helheim, near Svargrond Berserk Potion, 2 Platinum Coins, Shard, 3 Demonic Essence
Berserker Treasure Quest 0 40+ Edron Orc Cave 3 White Pearls and 175 gp.
Bigfoot's Burden Quest 80 120 Gnomegate and Gnomebase Alpha Access to the Gnomish Crystal Teleport System (GCTS), Gnomegate, Gnomebase Alpha and their hunting areas including the Warzones; 24 Achievements (46 total points), Minor and Major Crystalline Tokens, Gnomish Supply Packages, Some Golden Fruits and several Warzone rewards.
Black Knight Quest 50 50+ Villa Scapula, north of Venore Crown Armor, Crown Shield
Blood Brothers Quest 40 70+ Yalahar, Vengoth. Access to Vengoth including the castle, Vampiric Crest or Yalaharian Outfits addon, 13200 exp (5 times 1000 exp, 1200 exp, 2400 exp and 3600 exp) also a Blood Goblet.
Blood Herb Quest 0 20+ Greenclaw Swamp, Near Venore Blood Herb or Witchesbroom
Braindeath Quest 0 70+ Fenrock, near Beregar. A Red Backpack with 2 Great Health Potion, Mana Potion, Shovel, Rope, and 13 Platinum Coins
Cartography 101 Quest 0 100 Begin at Adventurers' Guild, then all over the Tibian lands. Achievement Cartography 101.
Children of the Revolution Quest 0 70+ Zao, Muggy Plains 10,000 Experience, Tome of Knowledge, Serpent Crest - 2nd addon for Warmaster Outfits, ability to start various tasks.
Circle Room Quest 32 40+ Kazordoon, Western Mines Dwarven Axe, War Hammer
Crusader Helmet Quest 35 40+ Dwarf Mines west of Kazordoon or north of Thais, here. Crusader Helmet
Crystal Wand Quest 60 70+ Demona Warlock area. Crystal Wand, Silver Rune Emblem (SD), Twinkiller Rune (Book)
Cults of Tibia Quest 8 150 Outlaw Camp, Ab'Dendriel, Edron Orc Cave, Mintwallin, Carlin Graveyard, Dark Pyramid, Thais and Feyrist. 325,000 Experience, Corruption Contained achievement, a Mystery Box and one of the following: Leaf Crown (Druids), Reflecting Crown (Sorcerers), Iron Crown (Knights) or Incandescent Crown (Paladins).
Dangerous Depths Quest 100 200 The Gnome Deep Hub. Ability to imbue items with Powerful Featherweight, Achievements His Days are Counted, Duked It Out, Buried the Baron, Death in the Depths and Scourge of Scarabs and more.
Darashia Dragon Quest 40 60+ Darashia Dragon Lair Life Ring
Dark Armor Quest 0 40+ Edron Orc Cave Dark Armor
Dark Trails Quest ? 150+ Oramond Glooth Engineer Outfits, 15 Glooth Bags, Giant Shimmering Pearl (Green), 2 Crystal Coins, Green Gem, Gold Ingot, Skull Staff, Wand of Voodoo, Belongings of a Deceased (The Ravager), Belongings of a Deceased (Death Priest Shargon) and access to the Oramond Fury Dungeon.
Dead Archer Quest 0 15+ Thais Troll Cave Bow, 5 Poison Arrow, Mana Potion, Health Potion
Deeper Fibula Quest 50 60+ Fibula Knight Axe, Warrior Helmet, Elven Amulet, Tower Shield, Dwarven Ring
Demon Helmet Quest 100 120+ Edron Hero Cave Demon Outfits' first addon as well as Demon Helmet, Demon Shield and Steel Boots.
Demona Ring Quest 60 70+ Demona. Energy Ring, Stealth Ring.
Devil Helmet Quest 30 40+ Thais Ancient Temple Devil Helmet, Halberd, 4 Small Sapphire
Double Hero Quest 0 70 Edron Hero Cave Club Ring, Red Gem
Draconia Quest 25 25+ Draconia, through Hellgate, near Ab'Dendriel Ice Rapier, Serpent Sword, Stone Skin Amulet and Energy Ring.
Dragon Slayer Outfits Quest 0 100+ Nimmersatt's Lair Dragon Slayer Outfits
Dragon Tower Quest 0 25+ Shadowthorn, Near Venore 2 Small Sapphires, 30 Burst Arrows, 60 Poison Arrows, Bow, 1 Health Potion, 1 Mana Potion
Dreamer's Challenge Quest 0 40 Abandoned Monastery and under Plains of Havoc in Dream Realm Achievements Lucid Dreamer, Nightmare Knight/Bone Brother, Lord Protector/Dread Lord, Nightmare Walker/Skull and Bones, Brown Bread, Wine, Certificate, Ability to teleport to many locations throughout Tibia, membership in either the Nightmare Knights or the Brotherhood of Bones (you can choose only one), and, depending on your choice, the ability to get a Nightmare Shield or a Necromancer Shield and Nightmare Outfits or Brotherhood Outfits.
Outfit Nightmare Knights Male Addon 3 Outfit Nightmare Knights Female Addon 3 Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Male Addon 3 Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Female Addon 3
Edron Goblin Quest 0 15+ Edron Goblin Cave, west of town Steel Shield, Silver Amulet
Elemental Spheres Quest 80 100+ Edron, Elemental Spheres. Dragon Robe for Sorcerers, Greenwood Coat for Druids, Windborn Colossus Armor for Knights and The Ironworker for Paladins. Lord of the Elements achievement.
Elephant Tusk Quest 0 28 East of Port Hope in Tiquanda 2 Elephant Tusks
Elvenbane Quest 0 35+ Elvenbane Castle, near Ab'Dendriel Morning Star, Dwarven Shield, Strong Mana Potion, Blank Rune, Spellbook, 2 Small Diamonds and 100 gp.
Emperor's Cookies Quest 0 20+ Kazordoon Key 3800, a bag with 20+7 cookies & Key 3801 and Key 3802
Explorer Brooch Quest 0 8 North side of The Jolly Axeman Tavern in Kazordoon Explorer Brooch
Fanfare Quest 0 8 Carlin Graveyard Fanfare
Feaster of Souls Quest 250 300 Brain Grounds, Netherworld, Barren Drift and Zarganash Poltergeist Outfits, Prospectre and Beyonder achievements.
Ferumbras' Ascension Quest 150 250+ Darashia, the Dungeons of The Ruthless Seven Minions. Hat Hunter Achievement, Rift Warrior Outfits, 5 Silver Tokens, Ferumbras' Teddy, 4 Folded Rift Carpets, 4 Rift Tapestries, 10 Crystal Coins. Also, the possibility to obtain Ferumbras' Hat and Mysterious Scroll from Ferumbras Mortal Shell.
Fire Axe Quest 60 70+ Edron Dragon Lair Fire Axe, Ring of Healing, Dragon Necklace, 7 Small Diamonds
Fishing Box Quest 0 40 Krimhorn (near center) 3 Green Perches, 3 Rainbow Trouts, 5 Platinum Coins
Forgotten Knowledge Quest 0 200 Halls of Hope and six other areas in Tibia. Ability to Imbue items and access to the powerful elemental protection, elemental damage, skill boost, mana leech, life leech and critical hit imbuements.
Formorgar Mines Hoist Quest 0 120 Formorgar Mines, Near Svargrond Floor Plan of the Formorgar Mines (Book), Instructions to the Formorgar Mines Hoist (Book), and being able to use the Hoist at Formorgar Mines.
Formorgar Mines Quest 0 120 Formorgar Mines, Near Svargrond Shard, 100 gp, Bullseye Potion, Crossbow, 20 Power Bolts
Frost Dragon Quest 0 50 Okolnir, near Svargrond 1 Shard, 1 Bullseye Potion and 10 Platinum Coins.
Geomancer Quest 0 45+ Mount Sternum Undead Cave, vicinity of Thais Small Sapphire, Small Diamond, Dwarven Ring
Ghoul Room Quest 0 20 Thais Ancient Temple Garlic Necklace, Club Ring
Giant Smithhammer Quest 0 40 Plains of Havoc Talon, Giant Smithhammer, 100 gp
Goblin Merchant Quest 0 35 Venore 5200 exp, 1100 gp, achievement Task Manager
Grave Danger Quest 250 300 Thais, Kilmaresh, Cobra Bastion and more. Basic Hand of the Inquisition Outfits, Inquisition's Hand Achievement
Griffin Shield Quest 30 50 Gates of Demona, deep inside the Maze of Lost Souls, Near Carlin and Ab'Dendriel Griffin Shield, Dwarven Axe, Obsidian Lance
Grimvale Quest 0 100 Grimvale, Edron, Venore Corym Cave, Cormaya, Darashia, Hyaena Lairs, Lion Sanctum, Ankrahmun and Oskayaat. * The Curse of the Full Moon: A chance to fight Feroxa;
Heart of Destruction Quest 150 250+ The Otherworld as reached through the vortices in Zao Steppe, Ankrahmun and Svargrond. Ender of the End achievement, 5 Gold Tokens, Spying Eye, Vibrant Egg, Energetic Backpack, 200k, Mysterious Remains, Void Carpet, access to Powerful Strike, Void, Vampirism and Epiphany imbuements.
Heaven Blossom Quest 0 15 Shadowthorn, near Venore Heaven Blossom
Hero of Rathleton Quest ? 200 Jaccus Maxxen's Dungeon in Oramond. Bag containing a Glooth Glider Blueprint, 4 Glooth Bags, 5 Platinum Coins, a Walnut. Ability to access Jaccus Maxxen's Dungeon and all areas of it; ability to kill bosses within.
Hidden Threats Quest 0 50 Corym Mines. 2 Gold Nuggets, 1 Small Ruby, 1 Small Emerald and 1 Small Amethyst.
Hot Cuisine Quest 35 ? West of the Blue Djinn Fortress, Near Ankrahmun Delicious dishes, achievement Culinary Master, Jean Pierre's Cookbook I and Jean Pierre's Cookbook II
Hunting for Tokens Quest 0 50+ All over the Tibian lands. Trade unique items.
Hydra Egg Quest 0 70+ Port Hope Hydra Egg
Insectoid Outfits Quest 0 120+ Gray Beach, Quirefang Experience and Insectoid Outfits and addons, achievement Bane of the Hive
Outfit Insectoid Male Addon 3 Outfit Insectoid Female Addon 3
Into The Bone Pit Quest 35 35 Thais, Ancient Temple Death Ring
Inukaya Quest 0 35+ Inukaya, the Chakoyas encampment near Svargrond Shard, 48 gold, 3 Rainbow Trout.
Iron Hammer Quest 0 30+ Minotaur caves near Kazordoon Iron Hammer
Iron Helmet Quest 0 25 Plains of Havoc Iron Helmet, Sudden Death Rune, Leather Armor, Porgol's Strange Behaviour (Book), Worn Leather Boots, Longsword
Iron Ore Quest 0 8 Dwarf Mines Iron Ore
Isle of the Mists Quest 0 40 Isle of the Mists, Near Kazordoon and Venore 2 Small Emeralds, Book
Jack to the Future Quest 0 10 Edron Piece of Marble Rock, 6,000 Experience Points and the Achievement Truth Be Told or You Don't Know Jack.
Killing in the Name of... Quest various various various Various amounts of experience and money, ability to kill boss monsters, ability to trade with Grizzly Adams, ability to travel into Tiquanda with Lorek, Holy Icon, 31 Achievements which sum up 61 achievements points (+ Herbicide, 8 points, if you use Holy Icon to do The Demon Oak Quest).
Kilmaresh Quest 0 250 All the island of Kilmaresh. The four parts of The Regalia of Suon, Sun and Sea achievement, three parts of the Sun Mosaic, Citizen of Issavi Outfits and permission to use the shortcuts between Issavi and the southern parts of Kilmaresh.
Kingdom of Kormarak Quest 0 15 Thais Ancient Temple Brass Armor, Brass Helmet, Hatchet and 13 Throwing Stars.
Kissing a Pig Quest 60 70 All Free Account Cities, Femor Hills, Ghostlands/Isle of the Kings 5 Gold Coins, Firlefanz, achievement Passionate Kisser.
Koshei the Deathless Quest 40 70+ Darashia Koshei's Ancient Amulet or Blue Legs (also 50 Platinum Coins, but you will need to sacrifice this exact amount before you can get the reward).
Krailos Quest 0 100 Krailos. Onyx Pendant, access to the Krailos depot, ability to trade with Krailos NPCs, Ogre Chef and The Call of the Wild achievements.
Last Creep Standing 0 20+ Darashia (north of town, here). Shapeshifter Ring, Reward Box, the Master Shapeshifter achievement and a temporary 20% increase in respawn rates for the server.
Life Ring Quest 0 35+ Thais Life Ring, Dragon Necklace
Lion Trophy Quest 0 45+ Formorgar Mines Lion Trophy, Shard, 2 Platinum Coins
Lion's Rock Quest 0 70 Lion's Rock near Darashia. Achievement Lion's Den Explorer. Random item out of the following: The Lion's Heart, Gold Ingot, Yellow Gem, Red Gem, Giant Shimmering Pearl (Brown), Emerald Bangle.
Lone Medusa Quest 0 70+ Vandura Mountain 4 Black Pearls
Longsword Quest 0 30 Dusalk's Troll Clan Cave, near Dwarf Bridge Longsword, Mirror, 3 Blank Runes, Wooden Doll, Wedding Ring, 76 gp
Loose Ends Quest 8 10 Ankrahmun, Edron, Outlaw Camp, Thais and Venore. 500 experience by talking to the NPCs. There are more rewards as you complete their quests.
Machinery of War Quest 50 50+ Thais, Orc Fortress 1,000 exp for each mission, 2,000 exp once you have achieved the highest rank.
Mad Mage Room Quest 40 50+ Thais Ancient Temple Hat of the Mad, Stone Skin Amulet and Star Amulet in Quest boxes. Silver Dagger and some Mana Potions spawn in another chest in this room.
Mastermind Potion Quest 0 90 Formorgar Mines. 2 Mastermind Potions, 78 gp and 123 gp, 1 Green Perch, 2 Rainbow Trout
Measuring Tibia Quest All over Tibia. New information for the Cyclopedia Map, Discoverer Outfits and addons, 22 Achievements (total of 34 points), and the Dedicated Entrepreneur and Globetrotter titles.
Outfit Discoverer Male Addon 3 Outfit Discoverer Female Addon 3
Medusa Shield Quest 60 70 Drefia west of Darashia Medusa Shield, Skull Staff, Blue Robe
Minotaur Leather Quest 0 10+ South of Thais. Minotaur Leather
Mintwallin Cyclops Quest 0 25+ Thais Ancient Temple Small Diamond, two Strong Health Potions, Hatchet, Chain Helmet and a Chain Armor.
Naginata Quest 40 50+ Thais Dragon Lair Naginata
Nightmare Teddy Quest 0 250+ Nightmare Isles. Nightmare Teddy.
Noble Armor Quest 35 35+ Deep in a hidden cave below Mt. Sternum. Noble Armor and Crown Helmet
Nomads Land Quest 0 15 Ankrahmun, Kha'labal 50 Platinum Coins, Jewel Case (Nomad), The Sacred Casket (Book), 2 Small Sapphires.
Opticording Sphere Quest 100 150 Ab'Dendriel, Horestis Tomb, Venore, Fiehonja, Gnomebase Alpha, Dwarf Mines,

Otherworld (Dwarf Bridge), Krailos, Replica Dungeon, Gnome Deep Hub and The Cube (Location).

Mysterious Metal Egg, Lightsphere, The Supreme Cube, a Monolith of the Planes and the Planegazer Title.
Oramond Quest 0 200 Oramond, Rathleton Earn voting points which can be used in the Rathleton Quest within the Rathleton Magistrate.
Orc Fortress Quest 40 50+ Orc Fortress, near Ab'Dendriel Knight Armor, Knight Axe, Fire Sword
Orc Shaman Quest 0 20 Venore Orc Cave, east of Venore Magic Light Wand, Axe Ring and Blank Rune
Ornamented Shield Quest 0 70 Plains of Havoc Dragon Lair Brown Bag containing Key 3702, Might Ring, Dragon Necklace, Spike Sword, Devious Dragons (Book), Ornamented Shield, Steel Helmet, Inkwell.

Red Bag containing Time Ring, 5 Platinum Coins, Garlic Necklace, Spellbook, Lyre.

Panpipe Quest 0 35+ Jakundaf Desert Panpipes, 2 Small Amethysts, Power Ring
Parchment Room Quest 0 120 Edron Hero Cave Brown Bag containing Key 6010, Bone, Stealth Ring, 2 Talons, Skull.
Pilgrimage of Ashes Quest 0 15+ various locations in tibia, starts at any city guide. all blessings with 1000 gold discount (once only), 20 platinum coins.
Plate Armor Quest 0 40 Ghostship Plate Armor
Podzilla Quest 300 600+ Edron, Podzilla Amber Crusher Amber Crusher, and the base Rootwalker Outfits.
Outfit Rootwalker Male Outfit Rootwalker Female
Poison Daggers Quest 0 40 Edron Orc Cave 2 Poison Daggers, 30 Poison Arrows
Power Bolts Quest 0 40+ Plains of Havoc 5 Power Bolts, 12 Burst Arrows, Two Handed Sword, The Dreammaster (Book), 6 Throwing Stars, Talon.
Power Ring Quest 0 15 Femor Hills a Power Ring and a Bronze Amulet
Primal Ordeal Quest 250 400 Gnomprona, Monster Graveyard, Crystal Enigma and Sparkling Pools. For finishing the main questline:

For optionally achieving higher hazard levels:

Purple Tome Quest 60 70+ Demona Tibia Map (Book), Fields of Glory Map (Book) and Purple Tome.
Rathleton Quest 0 150 Rathleton Ability to vote on several topics, ability to use various teleport within Oramond, and the ability to sail to and from Oramond from more cities, achievements Rathleton Commoner, Rathleton Inhabitant, Rathleton Citizen, Rathleton Squire.
Realm of Dreams Quest 40 60 Northern Ankrahmun Dragon Lair. Beach Backpack containing: Music Box, Blue Rose, Dracoyle Statue, Black Pearl, Red Dragon Scale, Stuffed Dragon, Piggy Bank and Surprise Bag (Blue).
Research and Development Quest 0 35+ Edron 500 experience points, 500 experience points, Achievement: Guinea Pig.
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest 0 25+ Edron 5 Health Potions, 5 Mana Potions
Ring Quest 0 60 Edron Hero Cave Time Ring, Sword Ring.
Roshamuul Quest 0 200 Roshamuul Clusters of Solace, Essences of Dread, Essences of Wishful Thinking, server-wide ability to access Guzzlemaw Valley and Upper Roshamuul, and create or refine Umbral Items.
Rotten Blood Quest 250 Blood Vestibule, Jaded Roots, Putrefactory, Gloom Pillars, Darklight Core Permission to make Crimson Offerings. Base Decaying Defender Outfits Outfit Decaying Defender MaleOutfit Decaying Defender Female
Rottin Wood and the Married Men Quest 0 20 Outlaw Camp 2,500 gp, 1600 experience, possible chance to get Hunting Horn or Time Ring, Achievements Merry Adventures and Bunny Slipped.
Sam's Old Backpack Quest 35 40+ Ulderek's Rock, Dwarf Mines. Dwarven Armor
Scale Armor Quest 0 10 Near Thais Scale Armor
Sea of Light Quest 0 25 Edron and Lost Mines (west of town), Vega 1900 exp (400 + 500 + 1000), 1 Yellow Gem and 10 Small Diamonds.
Secret Service Quest 50 60+ Begin: Thais, Venore or Carlin. Travel all Tibia. Mysterious Package, achievements Secret Agent and only one of the following three, Top AVIN Agent, Top CGB Agent, Top TBI Agent.
Serpentine Tower Quest 0 8 Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun White Pearl
Shadows of Yalahar Quest 75 100+ Various, starts in Edron Golem Wrench, access to Modified Gnarlhound, Golem Disassembler, 5 Platinum Coins, ability to trade with Telas, 25,000 experience, achievement Golem in the Gears.
Shaman Treasure Quest 0 30 Edron Orc Cave 3 Blank Runes
Silver Amulet Quest 0 10 Thais Troll Cave Silver Amulet
Silver Brooch Quest 0 40+ Greenclaw Swamp Silver Brooch, 2 Small Rubies, 3 Small Diamonds
Sinatuki Quest 0 8 Nibelor, near Svargrond 5 Shards, achievement Jamjam
Six Rubies Quest 0 50 Thais Ancient Temple Six Small Rubies
Skeleton Decoration Quest 0 30+ Tyrsung Skeleton Decoration, 89gp, Shard
Skull of Ratha Quest 0 25+ Venore Amazon Camp. White Pearl, 2 Black Pearls, Skull of Ratha, Wolf Tooth Chain, Dwarven Ring, 100 gp, Crystal Necklace.
Small Ruby Quest 0 40 Mintwallin 1 Small Ruby
Small Sapphire Quest 0 50 Drefia. Small Sapphire, 50 Gold Coins, Women Seduced (Book), Travel Expenses (Book).
Soul War Quest 250 600? Zarganash, Claustrophobic Inferno, Rotten Wasteland, Ebb and Flow, Furious Crater and Mirrored Nightmare One random item from the Soul Set and base Revenant Outfits Outfit Revenant Male Outfit Revenant Female
Spike Sword Quest 0 40+ A few steps north east of Triangle Tower Spike Sword
Spike Tasks Quest Varies 25+ The Spike and surroundings Experience, Cave Explorer Outfits and its addons, Cave Completionist achievement.
Spirithunters Quest 0 70+ Edron, Ghostlands, Drefia or Mount Sternum Undead Cave or Dark Cathedral, Vengoth Castle or Vandura Mountain or Yalahar Cemetary Quarter, Deeper Banuta or Zao. Varies depending on chosen difficulty:
1,000 exp and 500 gp for the simplest task (Ghosts).
3,000 exp and 1,500 gp for the more challenging task (Nightstalkers).
10,000 exp and 6,000 gp for the toughest task (Souleaters).
Also the achievement Afraid of no Ghost!
Steal From Thieves Quest 0 20 Ankrahmun 100 Brown Mushrooms, 100 Gold Coins
Stealth Ring Quest 0 40 Minotaur Pyramid north-east of Darashia. Stealth Ring and Protection Amulet.
Steel Helmet Quest 0 35 Minotaur Tower west of Kazordoon Steel Helmet, 47 gp, 56 gp, The Fox Is Out (Book)
Strong Potions Quest 0 60 Edron Hero Cave 5 Strong Mana Potions.
Thais Lighthouse Quest 0 25 Thais Dark Shield and Battle Hammer
The Ancient Tombs Quest 75 120+ Ankrahmun Tombs Helmet of the Ancients
The Annihilator Quest 100 130 Edron Hero Cave. Demon Outfits and one out of four available items: Magic Sword, Demon Armor, Stonecutter Axe, and a Present Box with an Annihilation Bear inside. Annihilator achievement.
The Ape City Quest 0 130+ Various; begins in Tiquanda Possibility of being healed by Hairycles, ability to buy Bananas, Monkey Statue (No Hearing), Monkey Statue (No Seeing) and Monkey Statue (No Speaking), Shaman Outfits and permission to go to Forbidden Lands and Deeper Banuta.
The Blessed Stake Quest 0 15+ Ab'Dendriel Carlin Kazordoon Thais Venore Darashia Ankrahmun Edron Port Hope Liberty Bay Blessed Wooden Stake, achievement Blessed!.
The Cradle of Monsters Quest 250 250 Cormaya, Ingol Mutated Abomination mount.
The Cursed Crystal Quest 0 90 Crystal Gardens near Nargor. Crystal Shard and an Eye Patch, a Peg Leg, a Hook or a Pirate Backpack, achievement Wail of the Banshee
The Demon Oak Quest 120 130+ Plains of Havoc Herbicide achievement, ability to obtain the Demon Outfits' second addon and one out of four available items: Demon Legs, Rainbow Shield, Spellbook of Ancient Arcana or Thorn Spitter
The Desert Dungeon Quest 20 20+ Deep below the Jakundaf Desert. 100 Platinum Coins and a green bag with: Protection Amulet, Ring Of Healing, Magic Light Wand and Ankh.
The Djinn War - Efreet Faction 40 50+ Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress) 600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, permission to trade with Yaman and Alesar, possibility to hunt Marids and Blue Djinns in Ankrahmun and Yalahar and possibility to start a blue djinn hunting task.
The Djinn War - Marid Faction 40 50+ Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress) 3 Small Sapphires, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Nah'Bob and Haroun, possibility to hunt Efreet and Green Djinns in Ankrahmun and Yalahar and possibility to start a green djinn hunting task.
The Dream Courts Quest 250 250 Edron, Feyrist, Tyrsung, Tiquanda, Outlaw Camp, Darama, Court of Summer, Court of Winter and the Dream Labyrinth. Access to the Court of Summer, to the Court of Winter and to the Dream Labyrinth, ability to imbue Boots with Powerful Vibrancy, Achievements Tied the Knot, Keeper of the 7 Keys, Dream Catcher, Champion of Summer and Champion of Winter and base Dream Warrior Outfits Outfit Dream Warrior Male Outfit Dream Warrior Female
The Explorer Society Quest 0 110+ Begins in Port Hope or Northport, but requires travel throughout Tibia. Ice Pick, Spectral Stone, 6 Orichalcum Pearls, 1 Crown Backpack, 5250 gp, the ability to buy Atlases, Orichalcum Pearls and Crown Backpacks. You can use the teleporters between Port Hope and Northport, and between Liberty Bay and Svargrond which works having an Orichalcum Pearl. You have the ability to travel to Calassa and the Frozen Trench, and hunt underwater. You will also receive the achievements Just in Time (if the further requirements are met), Explorer and Sea Scout.
The Exterminator Quest 0 20+ Carlin sewers Small Sapphire, Small Ruby, Small Amethyst, Small Emerald
The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest 50 60+ Drefia 2 Small Emeralds, 2 Small Rubies, 3 Black Pearls, 1500 exp, Nail Case (used for Hellgrip mount)
The Great Dragon Hunt Quest 0 40+ Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs. Red Dragon Scale once, and one of the following every time you complete the quest: 5 Platinum Coins, a Small Ruby + a Small Emerald + a Small Sapphire, a Life Ring, a Red Gem, 10 Strong Mana Potions or 8 Strong Health Potions. Upon completing the quest 10 times, the achievement Hoard of the Dragon will be awarded.
The Hidden City of Beregar Quest 0 (100 For The Firewalker Boots Part) 60+ Beregar, Fenrock, Mistrock, Ab'dendriel, Yalahar, Venore, Kazordoon. Access to the Beregar Mines, Rusted Armor, Gold Ingot, 3 Small Topaz, Crystal of Focus, Firewalker Boots, 10 Brown Mushrooms, Dwarven Legs and the ability to buy Rust Remover.
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest 61 61 Sea Serpent Area, Svargrond Access to Sea Serpent Spawns.
The Ice Islands Quest 0 100+ Svargrond Norseman Outfit, access to the Formorgar Mines, Helheim, Tyrsung, ability to use the dogsleds from Nibelor to Inukaya, ability to become a citizen of Svargrond, including talking to the arena, boat and more NPCs.
The Isle of Evil Quest 35 50 Kazordoon, Yalahar, Liberty Bay, Northport, Isle of Evil, Thais Access to the Isle of Evil, Isle of Evil (Book), Mechanical Fishing Rod, Fan Doll of King Tibianus, 6666 Experience Points, achievements Worm Whacker and King Tibianus Fan.
The Lost Brother Quest 0 200+ Tiquanda, Asura Palace. 3000 experience points, ability to trade with Tarun, a Red Gem, and the achievement Lost Palace Raider (if the further requirements are met).
The New Frontier Quest 77*(for the last mission only) 110+ Farmine, Zao, Kazordoon, Edron, Venore, Thais, Port Hope, Isle of Strife. Tome of Knowledge, Piggy Bank, 2 Gold Ingots, Bullseye Potion, Mastermind Potion and Berserk Potion, access to the southern and central parts of Zao, base Warmaster Outfit Outfit Warmaster Male Outfit Warmaster Female
The Order of the Lion Quest 250 250 Bounac Achievement Lionheart, Title Hero of Bounac and the ability to kill bosses for a chance to loot items from the Lion Set.
The Outlaw Camp Quest 45 50+ Outlaw Camp Bright Sword, Red Gem
The Paradox Tower Quest 30 50+ Paradox Tower near Kazordoon. Up to two of the following: 10k gp, Wand of Cosmic Energy, 32 Talons and Phoenix Egg. You will also get the achievement Mathemagician.
The Pits of Inferno Quest 80 130+ Pits of Inferno, under the Plains of Havoc; entrance near the Necromant House. Access to the Hub Shortcut, ability to finish The Inquisition Quest, 100 Platinum Coins, Soft Boots, Backpack of Holding (containing a Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing), Silver Rune Emblem (Sudden Death), Silver Rune Emblem (Explosion) and Silver Rune Emblem (Heavy Magic Missile)), Stuffed Dragon, Frozen Starlight, Ceremonial Ankh, achievement Ruthless and choose between: Arcane Staff/Avenger/Arbalest.
The Postman Missions Quest 0 25 Begins in Kevin's office at the Tibia Postal Service Headquarters, but takes you all over Tibia. Cheaper parcels (10 gp), letters (5 gp), boat fares (10 gp cheaper). 6k discount in The Thieves Guild Quest. Use of locked mailboxes, Post Officer's Hat, Post Horn and the achievement Archpostman.
The Queen of the Banshees Quest 60 80+ Isle of the Kings underground and Ghostland Boots of Haste, Giant Sword, Tower Shield, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet and 100 Platinum Coins (10K)
The Repenters Quest 0? 40 Hellgate Doing all tasks and getting the bonus: 10,600 experience (always); Pannier Backpack (rare); Achievement Repenter.
The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest 0 8 Around Thais - Eclesius' house, Venore, Kazordoon, Ab'Dendriel, Carlin 5350 gp and 10650 experience.
The Secret Library Quest 250 500+ for the Secret Library bosses Cormaya, Asura Palace, Ancient Ancestorial Grounds, Falcon Bastion, Deep Desert, The Extension Site and the Secret Library. Access to the Falcon Bastion, Deep Desert (Elite Skeletons), Ancient Ancestorial Grounds (Deathlings), The Extension Site (Thais Museum), underground Asura Palace and the Secret Library, as well as a Bone Fiddle, the basic Battle Mage Outfits and the Battle Mage and Library Liberator achievements.
The Shattered Isles Quest 20 65+ Liberty Bay, Meriana, Goroma, Nargor, Edron Ability to travel to Goroma from Liberty Bay, access to Meriana, access to Laguna Islands, access to Nargor, access to Morgaroth's lair, access to Ramoa, access to Talahu, access to Malada, access to Ferumbras Citadel where Ferumbras spawns. Model Ship and Pirate Outfits.

Matchmaker achievement and satisfy 1 out of 2 conditions for the Animal Activist achievement. Ability to start a quest to trade with Marina.

The Spirit Will Get You Quest 0 130+ Souleater Mountains in Zao, near the Zao Rebel Camp. 50 points of experience per level you have, and the ability to obtain the addons of the Wayfarer Outfits.
The Tainted Souls Quest 0 30+ Tainted Caves in the Green Claw Swamp. Chance to fight Ekatrix.
The Thieves Guild Quest 0 70+ Thais, Carlin, Outlaw Camp, Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Dark Cathedral Ability to trade with Black Bert and one of the following items: a Modified Crossbow, a Spellbook of Warding or an Assassin Dagger, achievements: Amateur Actor and Master Thief
The Travelling Trader Quest 0 50+ Svargrond, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Ankrahmun, Darashia, Edron and Carlin. Missions also take you to Outlaw Camp, Kazordoon, Ab'Dendriel and the inner parts of Tiquanda. Ability to trade with Rashid, achievement Recognised Trader.
The Ultimate Booze Quest 0 10 Venore, Kazordoon Light Shovel, 10 Platinum Coins, 100 Experience Points
The White Raven Monastery Quest 0 45+ Near Carlin, (Ghostlands and the Isle of the Kings) Blessed Ankh, Family Brooch, access to the Isle of the Kings
Threatened Dreams Quest 30 100 Fields of Glory, Poacher Caves, Edron, Cormaya, Ulderek's Rock, Venore, Darashia, the Devourer, Feyrist, Candia, and more. Access to Feyrist, Butterfly Ring, 5 Ancient Coins, 5 Rainbow Quartzes, Blossom Bag, Sun Catcher, Moon Mirror, Starlight Vial and Swan Feather Cloak.
Throwing Star Quest 0 30+ Thais Ancient Temple 10 Throwing Stars
Time Ring Quest 0 40 Venore, Shadowthorn Time Ring, Elven Amulet, Crystal Ball
Tinder Box Quest 0 25 Chyllfroest. Tinder Box.
To Appease the Mighty Quest 30 30 Darashia, Ashta'daramai, Mal'ouquah 20 Platinum Coins
To Blind the Enemy Quest 0 50+ Ab'Dendriel 10 Platinum Coins, Elven Amulet
To Outfox a Fox Quest 0 35 Dwarf Mines Mining Helmet, ability to start the Turmoil of War Task.
Tomes of Knowledge Quest 0 100+ Zao, Chazorai, Dragonblaze Peaks, Farmine, Muggy Plains and Zzaion. Ability to buy Dragon Tapestry, Minotaur Backpack, Dragon Backpack, War Drum, Didgeridoo, trade with Esrik and Pompan, enter Zao Palace and Corruption Hole...
Too Hot to Handle Quest 80 300 Kazordoon, Antrum of the Fallen, Grotto of the Lost, Dwelling of the Forgotten Two Eldritch Caskets and permission to buy more, Some Like It Hot Achievement
Top of the City Quest 0 40 Yalahar, Former Trade Quarter. 10 Heaven Blossoms.
Tower Defence Quest 0 10+ Carlin, Femor Hills 50 Shiver Arrows, 50 Earth Arrows, 50 Flaming Arrows, 50 Flash Arrows
Treasure Hunt Quest 35 (The Shattered Isles Quest) 60+ Liberty Bay, Edron, Tiquanda, Nargor and more. 3 Gold Ingots, Bejeweled Ship's Telescope.
Treasure Island Quest 0 40 Treasure Island Unknown
Triangle Tower Quest 0 40 Triangle Tower Garlic Necklace, Dwarven Ring and 2 Small Sapphires
Troll Cave Quest 0 12 Edron Troll Cave, west of town Brass Legs, Garlic Necklace
Troll Sabotage Quest 0 10 Edron. Elvenhair Rope or 200gp and Jerom's Family Necklace.
Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest 0 100 Seacrest Grounds beneath Oramond. Access to the Seacrest Grounds, Blue Crystal Shard, Green Crystal Shard, Violet Crystal Shard and achievements Mind the Step! and Snake Charmer.
Unnatural Selection Quest 0 40 Mostly Zao Mountain, but takes you all over Tibia. Tome of Knowledge, Tribal Crest, experience, achievement Talented Dancer
Vampire Hunter Quest 0 100+ Hellgate, Nargor, Drefia, Edron, Kazordoon. 186,000 Experience Points, Vampire Doll, the ability to obtain the Blood Skull in the basement of the Vengoth Castle, Razing! achievement, and part of the Castlemania achievement.
Vampire Shield Quest 70 80 Edron Hero Cave Vampire Shield, Dragon Lance, Strange Symbol, Black Pearl, Mysterious Fetish
Venore Daily Tasks Quest 0 15 Venore Daily: 1,000 Exp, 1,000 gp.
Voodoo Doll Quest 0 35+ Near Venore. Voodoo Doll (King), Magic Light Wand.
War Against the Hive Quest 0 150+ Gray Beach, Quirefang Experience, 21 Achievements (58 total points), Insectoid Outfits and addons Outfit Insectoid Male Addon 3 Outfit Insectoid Female Addon 3
Waterfall Quest 0 35+ Near Forbidden Lands in Tiquanda Pirate Backpack, Pirate Hat, Dwarven Ring
Waterskin of Mead Quest 0 40+ Formorgar Mines Berserk Potion, 82gp, Waterskin of Mead
Wedding Ring Quest 0 70+ Edron Hero Cave Wedding Ring, Dragon Necklace.
Within the Tides Quest 150 Asura Palace, Marapur Access to Marapur, Colourful Water Lily (used to tame a Giant Beaver), a Lilypad Backpack, a Naga Nest and the Wedding Planner achievement.
Wrath of the Emperor Quest 80 (Expertise door during mission 8) 130+ Primarily Zao including the Zao Rebel Camp and Razachai, Banuta Spiritual Charm, Black Jade Cobra, 100 Platinum Coins, 10 Crystal Coins, 10 Red Dragon Scales, 5 Gold Ingots, 10 Black Pearls, Blue Gem, Dragon Backpack, Jewelled Backpack, choose between Elite Draken Helmet, Royal Draken Mail, or Royal Scale Robe, access to, and ability to use teleports to, Razachai, the Rebel Camp, and the Inner Sanctum, Wayfarer Outfits without addons:
Outfit Wayfarer Male Outfit Wayfarer Female

Mainland Exchange Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Exchange Quests 0-35 8-20 ? Various Exchange dropped items for Quest Items
Marlin Trophy Quest 0 8+ Goroma Marlin Trophy
Obsidian Knife Quest 0 8 Ab'Dendriel and Kazordoon Obsidian Knife
The Mermaid Marina Quest 0 10+ Meriana. Ability to deal with Marina.
The Sweaty Cyclops Quest 0 20+ Ab'Dendriel. Ability to deal with A Sweaty Cyclops.

Mainland Addon Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Ancient Aucar Outfits Quest 0 250+ Tiquanda, Iksupan Base Outfit and Addons for the Ancient Aucar Outfits and the Warrior of the Iks achievement.
Outfit Ancient Aucar Male Addon 3 Outfit Ancient Aucar Female Addon 3
Barbarian Outfits Quest 0 70+ Bron (Northport) Addons for the Barbarian Outfits
Outfit Barbarian Male Addon 3 Outfit Barbarian Female Addon 3 and the "Brutal Politeness" achievement.
Citizen Outfits Quest 0 10+ Hanna (Thais), Lubo (south of Mount Sternum) Addons for the Citizen Outfits and the achievement Exemplary Citizen
Outfit Citizen Male Addon 3 Outfit Citizen Female Addon 3
Druid Outfits Quest 0 100+ Ceiron (Ab'Dendriel), Ustan (Port Hope), A Majestic Warwolf (Cormaya) Addons for the Druid Outfits and the achievement Of Wolves and Bears
Outfit Druid Female Addon 3Outfit Druid Male Addon 3
Hunter Outfits Quest 0 50+ Elane (Thais) Addons for the Hunter Outfits & the achievement Hunting with Style.
Outfit Hunter Male Addon 3 Outfit Hunter Female Addon 3
Knight Outfits Quest 0 60+ Sabrehaven (NPC Morgan) and Thais (NPC Gregor). Addons for the Knight Outfits & the achievement In Shining Armor.

Outfit Knight Male Addon 3 Outfit Knight Female Addon 3

Mage Outfits Quest 0 60-200 Dark Cathedral, Edron Addons for Mage Outfits and the achievement Alumni (if male) or Ritualist (if female)
Outfit Mage Male Addon 3 Outfit Mage Female Addon 3
Nobleman Outfits Quest 0 8 Irmana (Venore) Addons for the Nobleman and Noblewoman Outfits, Aristocrat Achievement Outfit Nobleman Male Addon 3 Outfit Nobleman Female Addon 3
Oriental Outfits Quest 0 70+ Razan, Habdel(male)/Ishina, Miraia(female), (Darashia) Addons for the Oriental Outfits and the achievement One Thousand and One
Outfit Oriental Male Addon 3 Outfit Oriental Female Addon 3
Summoner Outfits Quest 0 60-200 Myra (Port Hope), Sandra (Edron) Addons for the Summoner Outfits and the achievement Ritualist (if male) or Alumni (if female)
Outfit Summoner Male Addon 3 Outfit Summoner Female Addon 3
Warrior Outfits Quest 0 100+ Carlin Knight Guild, Sabrehaven Blacksmith Addons for the Warrior Outfits
Outfit Warrior Male Addon 3 Outfit Warrior Female Addon 3 and the "Wild Warrior" achievement.
Wizard Outfits Quest 0 100+ Lugri (Thais), The Queen Of The Banshees (Ghostlands) Addons for the Wizard Outfits and the achievement Warlock
Outfit Wizard Male Addon 3 Outfit Wizard Female Addon 3

Mainland Outfit Quests

Name Min Level Rec Level Prem Location Reward
Afflicted Outfits Quest 0 25+ Venore Afflicted Outfits and addons, achievement Beak Doctor
Outfit Afflicted Male Outfit Afflicted Male Addon 3
Assassin Outfits Quest 0 100+ Samir (Plague Spike) Assassin Outfits and addons, achievement Swift Death
Outfit Assassin Male Addon 3 Outfit Assassin Female Addon 3
Battle Mage Outfits Quest 300+ Several locations. Battle Mage Outfits and addons:

Battle Mage Outfits Battle Mage Outfits and the achievements Battle Mage and Exalted Battle Mage.

Beggar Outfits Quest 0 70+ Hugo (Venore), Simon the Beggar (Fibula) Beggar Outfits and addons, achievement Life on the Streets
Outfit Beggar Male Addon 3 Outfit Beggar Female Addon 3
Brotherhood Outfits Quest 0 40-70+ Plains of Havoc Brotherhood Outfits and addons, achievement Skull and Bones
Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Male Addon 3 Outfit Brotherhood of Bones Female Addon 3
Cave Explorer Outfits Quest 80 The Spike. Cave Explorer Outfits and addons:

Outfit Cave Explorer Male Addon 3Outfit Cave Explorer Female Addon 3 and the Cave Completionist achievement.

Citizen of Issavi Outfits Quest 250 350 Kilmaresh Citizen of Issavi Outfits and addons, achievement

Citizen of Issavi
Citizen of Issavi Outfits Citizen of Issavi Outfits

Crystal Warlord Outfits Quest 0 120 Gnomegate Crystal Warlord Outfits and addons, achievement Crystal Clear

Outfit Crystal Warlord Male Addon 3Outfit Crystal Warlord Female Addon 3

Decaying Defender Outfits Quest 250 700+ All the locations of the Rotten Blood Quest. Decaying Defender Outfits and addons, achievement

Fully Decayed
Decaying Defender Outfits Decaying Defender Outfits

Demon Outfits Quest 100 150+ Edron, Plains of Havoc Demon outfit and addons, achievement True Dedication

Outfit Demon Male Addon 3Outfit Demon Female Addon 3

Draccoon Herald Outfits Quest All the locations of the 20 Years a Cook Quest. Draccoon Herald Outfits and addons

Draccoon Herald Outfits Draccoon Herald Outfits
and the achievement The Rule of Raccool

Dream Warden Outfits Quest 0 250 Roshamuul Dream Warden Outfits and addons:

Outfit Dream Warden Male Addon 3Outfit Dream Warden Female Addon 3 and the Dream Warden achievement.

Dream Warrior Outfits Quest 250 300+ Dream Warrior Outfits and addons, achievement Dream Warrior.

Dream Warrior Outfits Dream Warrior Outfits

Elementalist Outfits Quest 8 70+ Edron, Farmine and Zao Elementalist Outfits and addons, achievement Mystic Fabric Magic
Outfit Elementalist Male Addon 3 Outfit Elementalist Female Addon 3
Falconer Outfits Quest Several locations. Falconer Outfits and addons, and the achievement Falconer.

Falconer Outfits Falconer Outfits

Festive Outfits Quest 40 200 Muriel (Thais) Festive Outfits and addons, Reason to Celebrate achievement
Outfit Festive Male Addon 3 Outfit Festive Female Addon 3
Fire-Fighter Outfits Quest 250 Gnomprona Fire-Fighter Outfits and addons, Friendly Fire Achievement

Fire-Fighter Outfits Fire-Fighter Outfits

Formal Dress Outfits Quest 20 100 All the locations of the 25 Years of Tibia Quest. Formal Dress Outfits and addons, achievement

Sharp Dressed
Formal Dress Outfits Formal Dress Outfits

Glooth Engineer Outfits Quest 0 200 Oramond Achievement Glooth Engineer and Glooth Engineer Outfits and addons:

Outfit Glooth Engineer Male Addon 3Outfit Glooth Engineer Female Addon 3

Golden Outfits Quest 0 8 King Tibianus (Thais) or Queen Eloise (Carlin) or Emperor Kruzak (Kazordoon). Golden Outfits and addons as well as the respective The Golden Outfit Display. Additionally, your character name will be listed on Memorials. A list of all confirmed owners can be found here.
Outfit Golden Male Addon 3 Outfit Golden Female Addon 3 The Golden Outfit Display (Complete)
Hand of the Inquisition Outfits Quest 250 300+ All the locations of the Grave Danger Quest. Hand of the Inquisition Outfits and addons, achievement

Inquisition's Arm
Hand of the Inquisition Outfits Hand of the Inquisition Outfits

In Service of Yalahar Quest 80 120+ Edron, Liberty Bay, Yalahar. Passage into the innermost area and through the gates to the city quarters; 5 Platinum Coins, choose between Yalahari Mask, Yalahari Armor and Yalahari Leg Piece, and base Yalaharian Outfits Outfit Yalaharian Male

Outfit Yalaharian Female.

Liquid Black Quest 0 130+ Gray Beach, Fiehonja, Edron. Access to deeper parts of Fiehonja including Manta Rays and Deepling Guardians, a few random items such as: True Heart of the Sea, 10 Platinum Coins, Necklace of the Deep, Deepling Backpack, Heavy Trident, Deepling Staff and others, achievements Gem Cutter, Navigational Error, Spolium Profundis and contribution to the achievements Invader of the Deep, Death Song, Depth Dwellers, Guardian Downfall; also Deepling Outfit and addons: Outfit Deepling Male Addon 3Outfit Deepling Female Addon 3
Makeshift Warrior Outfits Quest Gnome Deep Hub. Makeshift Warrior Outfits and addons:

Outfit Makeshift Warrior Male Addon 3Outfit Makeshift Warrior Female Addon 3 and Cobbled and Patched Achievement.

Nightmare Outfits Quest 0 40-70+ Plains of Havoc Nightmare Outfits and addons, achievement Nightmare Walker
Outfit Nightmare Knights Male Addon 3 Outfit Nightmare Knights Female Addon 3
Norseman Outfits Quest 0 100+ Hjaern (Svargrond) Norseman Outfits and addons, achievement Out in the Snowstorm
Outfit Norseman Male Addon 3 Outfit Norseman Female Addon 3
Pirate Outfits Quest 0 70+ Meriana Pirate Outfits, addons, & achievement Swashbuckler.
Outfit Pirate Male Addon 3 Outfit Pirate Female Addon 3
Poltergeist Outfits Quest 250 300 Locations of the Feaster of Souls Quest. Poltergeist Outfits and Addons, achievement Mainstreet Nightmare

Outfit Poltergeist Male Addon 3Outfit Poltergeist Female Addon 3

Rascoohan Outfits Quest ? 250 Venore, Rascacoon, The Wreckoning Rascoohan Outfits and addons, achievement Honorary Rascoohan

Rascoohan Outfits Rascoohan Outfits

Revenant Outfits Quest 250 700+ All the locations of the Soul War Quest. Revenant Outfits and addons, achievement

Unleash the Beast
Revenant Outfits Revenant Outfits

Rift Warrior Outfits Quest 0 250 Dungeons of The Ruthless Seven Minions, Adventurer's Guild Rift Warrior Outfits and addons:

Outfit Rift Warrior Male Addon 3Outfit Rift Warrior Female Addon 3 and the Rift Warrior achievement.

Rootwalker Outfits Quest 300 Podzilla Rootwalker Outfits and addons

Rootwalker Outfits Rootwalker Outfits
and the achievement The Rootwalker

Royal Bounacean Advisor Outfits Quest 250 350 Bounac, Bounacean Lion, Forest of Life Royal Bounacean Advisor Outfits and addons, achievement

King's Council
Royal Bounacean Advisor Outfits Royal Bounacean Advisor Outfits

Royal Costume Outfits Quest 0 8 Percybald (Carlin) or Alyxo (Issavi). Royal Costume Outfits and addons. Additionally, your character name will be listed on Memorials.
Outfit Royal Costume Male Addon 3 Outfit Royal Costume Male Addon 3
Shaman Outfits Quest 0 80+ Hairycles (Banuta), Chondur (Sabrehaven) Shaman Outfits and addons
Outfit Shaman Male Addon 3 Outfit Shaman Female Addon 3, achievement Way of the Shaman.
Soil Guardian Outfits Quest 0 120 Gnomegate Soil Guardian Outfits and addons, achievement Funghitastic

Outfit Soil Guardian Male Addon 3Outfit Soil Guardian Female Addon 3

The Inquisition Quest 100 150+ Various, starts in Thais Demon Hunter Outfit and addons Outfit Demon Hunter Male Addon 3 Outfit Demon Hunter Female Addon 3, access to the deeper Demon Forge areas, ability to buy the Blessing of the Inquisition, 3 achievements (High Inquisitor, Master of the Nexus and Demonbane), and your choice of one of the following: Emerald Sword, Hellforged Axe, Obsidian Truncheon, Warsinger Bow, Royal Crossbow, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Master Archer's Armor, Fireborn Giant Armor or Robe of the Underworld.
Warmaster Outfits Quest 80 130+ Farmine/Zao Warmaster Outfits and addons
Outfit Warmaster Male Addon 3 Outfit Warmaster Female Addon 3, achievement Master of War.
Wayfarer Outfits Quest 80 130+ Farmine/Zao Wayfarer Outfits and addons, Peazzekeeper achievement
Outfit Wayfarer Male Addon 3 Outfit Wayfarer Female Addon 3
What a Foolish Quest 40* 60+ In and around Thais, Edron, Cormaya, Kazordoon, Carlin, Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, and several other locations A Jester Staff, a Jester Hat and Jester Outfits and addons, achievements: Allow Cookies?, Perfect Fool and Fool at Heart.
Outfit Jester Male Addon 3 Outfit Jester Female Addon 3
Yalaharian Outfits Quest 80 120+ Yalahar/Vengoth Yalaharian Outfits and only one of two addons, with their respective achievement: Yalahari of Wisdom or Yalahari of Power
Outfit Yalaharian Male Addon 3 Outfit Yalaharian Female Addon 3