ButtonQuest The Quest Log is a feature in your console that helps you overview what quests you have already done and how far you are with them.

The quest log will not display all quests. It is primarily for multi-part quests where you need to complete one or more missions for an NPC. Most other quests will never be listed, even if you have completed them.

Client Dialog[]

The Quest Log can be accessed by clicking the button near your inventory. All major questlines (e.g. "The Explorer Society") are displayed in the quest log once a character has started them. That means that if you have never started a questline, it will also not be displayed in your quest log. If you open a questline, you will see your accepted missions which are yet to be solved as well as some important completed missions in this questline so that you can get a fast overview of what your current mission is for that questline. Important information (e.g. instructions given by NPCs) can also be reviewed in the detail window for each mission. In order to avoid a too confusing and long quest log, most sidemissions will simply be removed from the questline once they are completed (e.g. getting Bread for Ariella in the Meriana Quest). If no more missions are available for a questline at this time, it will be displayed as "completed". This means that quests which include daily/weekly tasks can never be completed in this sense (e.g. "Rottin Wood and the Married Men").

Please note that treasure chests which you opened are usually not listed in your quest log; only events which are important for the quest progress are documented.

Since the Summer Update 2017 you can easily track your quest progress by selecting the appropriate checkbox of the quest mission in the quest log.

Quests listed in your Quest Log[]

Quest Log Background

"Completed" Status[]

Several quests/missions may not be displayed correctly as "completed" (e.g. one mission of the Postman Quest, or part of The White Raven Monastery Quest). Sometimes, simply saying hi/hello to the main NPC of that questline (e.g. Kevin for the Postman Quest) will repair your quest log. Also, some NPCs can react to fix my quest log, please (e.g. Raymond Striker for The Shattered Isles Quest).

Still, there are many quests which won't appear as (Completed) in the Quest Log after finishing their final missions. While one or another may indeed hold mysteries, it's a fact that on most cases this is just a consequence of how the quest log and quest flags work. The following quests are known to not appear as Completed even after being finished: