You see Quentin
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Thais Temple at Temple and Main Streets, just south and east of depot, in middle of town.


Quentin resides in the Thais Temple. He can heal you up to 65 hp and can also remove any harmful Status Conditions.

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Player: hi
Quentin: Welcome, adventurer Player! If you are new in {Tibia}, ask me for {help} or {healing}.
Player: Tibia
Quentin: That is where we are. The world of Tibia. Admire its beauty.
Player: healing
Quentin: You aren't looking that bad. Sorry, I can't help you. But if you are looking for additional protection you should go on the {pilgrimage} of ashes or get the protection of the {twist of fate} here.
Player: pilgrimage
Quentin: Whenever you receive a lethal wound, your vital force is damaged and there is a chance that you lose some of your equipment. With every single of the five {blessings} you have, this damage and chance of loss will be reduced.
Player: blessings
Quentin: There are five blessings available in five sacred places: the {spiritual} shielding, the spark of the {phoenix}, the {embrace} of Tibia, the fire of the {suns} and the wisdom of {solitude}. Additionally, you can receive the {twist of fate} here.
Player: spiritual
Quentin: I see you received the spiritual shielding in the whiteflower temple south of Thais.
Player: phoenix
Quentin: I can sense that the spark of the phoenix already was given to you by the dwarven priests of earth and fire in Kazordoon.
Player: embrace
Quentin: I can sense that the druids north of Carlin have provided you with the Embrace of Tibia.
Player: suns
Quentin: I can see you received the blessing of the two suns in the suntower near Ab'Dendriel.
Player: solitude
Quentin: I can sense you already talked to the hermit Eremo on the isle of Cormaya and received this blessing.
Player: twist of fate
Quentin: This is a special blessing I can bestow upon you once you have obtained at least one of the other blessings and which functions a bit differently. ...
Quentin: It only works when you're killed by other adventurers, which means that at least forty percent of the damage leading to your death was caused by others, not by monsters or the environment. ...
Quentin: The twist of fate will not reduce the death penalty like the other blessings, but instead prevent you from losing your other blessings as well as the amulet of loss, should you wear one. It costs the same as the other blessings. ...
Quentin: Would you like to receive that protection for a sacrifice of 7000 gold, child?
Player: job
Quentin: Job? I have no job. I just live for the gods of Tibia.
Player: equipment
Quentin: First you should buy a bag or backpack. That way your hands will be free to hold a weapon and a shield.
Player: king
Quentin: Our king resides in the castle to the west.
Player: general
Quentin: Harkath Bloodblade is his name.
Player: army
Quentin: I don't know much about the Tibian army. Ask general Harkath Bloodblade about that.
Player: help or quest or task
Quentin: First you should try to get some gold to buy better equipment.
Player: gods
Quentin: They created Tibia and all life on it.
Player: life
Quentin: On Tibia there are many forms of life. There are plants and people and monsters.
Player: plants
Quentin: Just walk around, you will see grass, trees, and bushes.
Player: monsters
Quentin: There are really too many of them in Tibia. But who am I to challenge the wisdom of the gods?
Player: people
Quentin: I am a simple monk. I just know Sam, Frodo, and Gorn. They all live in the main street to the north.
Player: name
Quentin: My name is Quentin.
Player: tibia
Quentin: That is where we are. The world of Tibia. Admire it's beauty.
Player: time
Quentin: Now, it is 5:52 pm. Ask Gorn for a watch, if you need one.
Player: money or gold
Quentin: If you need money you should slay monsters and take their gold. Look for spiders and rats.
Player: rats
Quentin: There are sewers underneath the city. They say these sewers are brimming with rats.
Player: sewers
Quentin: You can enter the sewers thorugh a sewer grate. But watch out. There are many rats. And don't forget to bring a torch.
Player: spiders
Quentin: There are spiders' nests beyond our city near Gorn's shop and at the McRonalds' farm in the east.
Player: news
Quentin: Sorry, I know nothing new. Please ask Frodo about that topic.
Player: food
Quentin: If you would like to heal your wounds you should eat some food. Frodo sells excellent meals. But if you are very weak you can also come to me. I will heal you.
Player: Ferumbras
Quentin: Hush! Do not mention the Evil One in these walls.
Player: Baxter
Quentin: He is the guard of the royal castle.
Player: Bozo
Quentin: He is the king's jester, but he believes himself to be the king of fools.
Player: Eclesius
Quentin: I hope I won't become that forgetful when I'm old. But he is a good man, although I don't know him very well
Player: Elane
Quentin: She is the leader of the local Paladins' guild.
Player: Frodo
Quentin: He is the owner of Frodo's Hut, the tavern north of this temple.
Player: Gorn
Quentin: He is selling equipment. If you still have no backpack you should go and ask him for one.
Player: Gregor
Quentin: The leader of the Knights' guild is a man of few words.
Player: Harkath Bloodblade
Quentin: A hard man but his heart is in the right place.
Player: Lugri
Quentin: Please do not mention the fallen one.
Player: Lynda
Quentin: She is a highly competent priest.
Player: Marvik
Quentin: I admire the healing skills of Marvik.
Player: McRonald
Quentin: The McRonalds run the local farm.
Player: Muriel
Quentin: Muriel is a famous sorcerer. She is the keeper of arcane secrets that are known only to few mortals.
Player: Oswald
Quentin: This man is spreading horrible rumours all the time.
Player: Sam
Quentin: He is our blacksmith. He sells weapons and armour.
Player: bye
Quentin: Good bye, Player!

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