You see Pydar
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North of Kazordoon temple, past the many Fire Fields.


His full name is Pydar Firefist, son of Fire, from the Savage Axes.
He is the head Pyromancer of Kazordoon. He knows a lot about other Kazordoon NPCs.

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He gives you the second part (the mark of the flame) of The Spark of the Phoenix blessing; the first part is provided by Kawill. If you have completed The Paradox Tower Quest and bring a Phoenix Egg with you, Pydar will charge you 10% less.
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Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item Price (gp)
The Spark of the Phoenix Blessing 2000 gp and an extra 200 gp for each level up to 120


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Player: hi
Pydar: Be greeted Player! I can smell the scent of a phoenix on you!
Player: gods
Pydar: The ways of the gods are imprehensible to mortals. On the other hand, the elements are raw forces and can be understood and tamed.
Player: job
Pydar: I am the head pyromancer of Kazordoon.
Player: name
Pydar: My name is Pydar Firefist, Son of Fire, from the Savage Axes.
Player: quest
Pydar: Ask around. There's a lot to do, jawoll.
Player: tibia
Pydar: That is our world.
Player: time
Pydar: It's the fourth age of the yellow flame.
Player: monsters
Pydar: May the great flame devour them all!
Player: life
Pydar: Life feeds on fire and ultimately fire will feed on life.
Player: Excalibug
Pydar: A weapon too powerful to be wielded by mortals. It has to be returned to the fire which gave birth to it.
Player: Ferumbras
Pydar: If he ever dares enter Kazordoon I will gladly dump him into the lava. Tthe sacred flame shall bring justice upon him.
Player: Kazordoon
Pydar: Our city was founded in ancient times. Abandoned by the gods we once fought for, we created a secure haven for our people.
Player: The Big Old One
Pydar: This mountain is said to be the oldest in the world. It is the place where fire and earth meet and separate at the same time.
Player: Bezil or Nezil
Pydar: Bezil and Nezil are buying and selling equipment of all kinds.
Player: Duria
Pydar: She is the first knight of Kazordoon. She is responsible for teaching our young warriors how to handle an axe.
Player: Etzel
Pydar: Etzel is a true master of the elements. He is a role-model for our youngsters, jawoll.
Player: Jimbin
Pydar: He and his wife are running the Jolly Axeman tavern.
Player: Kroox
Pydar: He is a smith. If you are looking for exquisite weapons and armour just talk to him.
Player: Maryza
Pydar: She and her husband are running the Jolly Axeman tavern.
Player: Uzgod
Pydar: Uzgod is a weaponsmith just like those in the old legends.
Player: Durin
Pydar: Though we are through with the so-called gods, Durin, the first dwarf to aquire divine powers of his own, is considered a protector of our race.
Player: fire
Pydar: Unlike the gods, the elements don't use mortals as toys, A skilled mind can understand and even control them to some extent.
Player: keeper
Pydar: The ways of the gods are imprehensible to mortals. On the other hand, the elements are raw forces and can be understood and tamed.
Player: bye
Pydar: May the fire in your heart never die, Player!