Warlocks, Elf Arcanists, 1 Infernalist, all creatures in the way to Demona.

Required Items

Follow the directions to go to Demona using the stardard route.

When you are in Demona you will find several Warlocks and Elf Arcanists, take the North-West Ladder of the Star Room, the one that is leading to the exit Teleport.

Now Continue along the path and take the first way north until you reach this point (see image below).

In this room, there are a lot of bookcases and this is the spawn point of one of the only two Infernalists in Demona (the other one is upstairs). In those bookcases you will find the Maps and the tome.


For the fastest way out, go south again to the main path and continue west, then turn south. Here is a teleport that brings you to the surface in the middle of the Fields of Glory.

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