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Puldraks wisdom about minotaurs Pt. 2
The only minotaurs reaching old age in these times of war were those who were born with physical disabilities or who were crippled but not killed in battle. This class of minotaurs was the only one who could live long enough to learn skills not directly connected to war. Since they were almost always the only ones who could gather enough experience and wisdom to create new ideas and concepts, the younger warriors begun to look at them as parents and advisors. Slowly these elders were able to change the war culture of the minotaurs. One charismatic minotaur in particular, Akkor, who was born blind, became the founder of the new minotaurian philosophy. He shunned the rage as a curse of the god Blog. Consequently, the minotaurian religion, which due to the extremity of martyrdom and rage never had a real chance to develop, turned away from the raging one. Slowly new concepts were adopted and great efforts were undertaken to hold the rage at bay. Meditation and self-control became the foremost duties of any warrior. The minotaurian ideal turned towards role models who were in control of body and mind. Since fiery rage was in minotaurian nature, young minotaurs were trained from early on to control themselves. It was through meditation that the minotaurs developed art and soon philosophy. Complicated ceremonies for usually simple things of daily life were developed to focus the mind, to be aware of each second of life.

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