Black book is found on Isle of the Kings
Brown book is found in Carlin.

Puldraks wisdom about elves Pt. 5
The 5th elven cultural group are the Chelabdil. There role in the war and their fate is yet unclear, but they have few contact with the other elven casts. They are usually a bit taller and stronger than elves of the other races, and there skin is silvery-white or in blue to greenish tones. Their eyes are often pale blue or green, sometimes a faint yellow. They have long black hair, or sometimes dark brown. They seem to live nowadays in the region northwest of Carlin and are seen quite often there. They have the keenest eyes of the elves, and the weapons of their choice are spears, knives and sometimes the short bow. They are fine hunters and sometimes trade furs, but the main part of their life remains yet uncertain.

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