Black book is found on Edron;
Brown book is found on Isle of the Kings;
Grey book is found in Carlin.

Puldraks wisdom about elves Pt. 1
The Deraisim had become homeless in the wars. As nomadic wanderers they hid in the woods, setteling nowhere for a longer time. Their families joined each other to travel together for a while, only to disband again soon whenever an area could not supply them all any longer. Hunted by countless enemies and almost everytime outnumbered when it came to fights with 'neighbours' they retreated into the deepest woods where the greater number of their foes was evened out. There they created encampments they visited now and then. They had contact with many creatures and cultures. They adopted ideas and inventions that suited their nomadic lifestyle and begun even a very cautious trade with other races to aquire things they were not able to build on their own. As the attention of the other races turned more and more away from the elves and wars broke out between them, some of the elves begun to live at their up to then only part time ecampment on a permanent base. Adopting what they had seen from other races and things they vaguely remembered from their own past some trading posts were established in this way. Usually only one to three families lived there. After the reunification with the Cenath the majority of them could be convinced to give a permanent settlement a try and the biggest tradingpost became the settlement Ab'Dendriel. Some families refused to join their brethren and continued to wander the world, only visiting the city now and then, each vistit convincing them more that they have only little in common with the Deraisim anymore. So they begun to see themselves as Abdaisim and continued to be the nomads and restless wanderers of elvenkind.

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