The full version of this book can be found in the Isle of the Kings Library and the Carlin Library.

Puldraks wisd... ... 4
The Cenath were the luckiest of th... ... in a hidden valley, far away from the rages of war. As things turned bad for the elv... ... artwork and books were brought to these cities. Life went on as usual for some time, the elves minding only their own ... war at all. Of course the war found them at last. In an frantic attempt to rescue their lives and even their ... elves begun to weave powerful spells. Many of their best magici... ... succeeded. The whole valley was torn out of the ... ...rld that was only stormy darkness around the elven valley. They created an artificial light and even created weather. There they lived for hundreds o... ... ...gic, mainly to manipulate and reproduce the effects of nature to enhance their lives.

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