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Puldraks wisdom about elves Pt. 2
The Kuridai took refuge in a volcanic area, inhabited by vile monsters and ravaged by the eruptions of the mountains. Stripped of almost any possesions, they hid in the caves and learned to become very secretive. They had to work very hard, had to fight for almost any goods with nature and ferocious beasts. Most beasts that could live in such livethreatening circumstances were that powerfull that direct attacks proved to be futile. So the elves begun to develop a more devious way to fight, with assaults, traps and hit and run tactics. After over hundred years they had enough resources to leave the burning lands and adopted their way of live to their new enviroment. So they became the secretive people under the hills. They were fierce fighters whenever their new home was threatened. Some hundred years they fought off all intruders until their explorers made contact with the other remaining elven casts. Under the growing pressure of the more and more powerful waves of orcish attacks they left their homes to join forces with the other elves in an uneasy alliance.
Their apperance had changed to a even more slender Version of the normal elves. Their skin is very pale, their hair pure white or pitch black. The younger members of that cast often color strands of their hair in unusual clors like red, blue or purple. Red, albinotic eyes are common, but in general all kinds of eyecolors are existent.

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