A protection zone (called PZ for short) is an area where you can feel safe, rest after a long hunt and hide from any dangers lurking in the lands of Tibia. It is marked with a Within Protection Zone icon in the Status Bar. Players who recently attacked other players (marked with a white or yellow skull) cannot enter a protection zone. Monsters and creatures (spawned, summoned or convinced) and Mounts are not allowed to enter protection zones either, with the exception of Special Summons.

Since Update 9.52 characters can now always log out in a protection zone regardless of whether or not the Logout Block is active. Even though it disappears it will still be applied to your character, which means that you will receive the battle icon again if you leave the protection zone too early. You cannot leave a party in this case but you can logout to leave it.

You can find protection zones in the following places:

While you are within a protection zone there are some actions you cannot do:

Even though you are within a protection zone you can do following things:

Whenever you try to do something that is not allowed in a protection zone a white message will appear: "This action is not permitted in a protection zone".

You can't enter a protection zone if you have done one of the followning things:

  • attacked a player (if he is in a party with you, both can enter the protection zone);
  • attacked a skulled player that hadn't attacked you;
  • used a field rune;
  • used a Desintegrate Rune.


As stated above, you cannot fight while in a protection zone. You can, however, shoot runes, spells or ammunition through it. Still, you cannot target your attack on anyone who is inside a protection zone or set any fields there from outside of it.


A player with the rights to close a house door can push a player out of a protection zone that way. Owners and sub-owners can also use the alana sio spell. Premium players can sleep in a protection zone and thus regain their mana and hitpoints.

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