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[[The Best Proposals! Proposal|The Best Proposals!]]
[[The Best Proposals! Proposal|The Best Proposals!]]
Known compilation of 21 proposals.
Known compilation of 20 proposals. Including guild message, red skull warning and
show healing.
==100-499 replies==
==100-499 replies==

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CIP hosts a forum dedicated to receive suggestions from players to improve the game. It is said to be neglected by the authorities most probably due to the big movement there is and barelly no opinion of someone who has power to perform changes. It's indeed very difficult to read every single proposal mining good ideas mainly because of the long posts. Having that in mind this space was opened in Tibia Wikia to display a summarize of the main proposals. This way one can know what's the most controversial subjects by reading the main post and a few selected good responses. Not all listed opinions will be interesting for everybody though.

Over a 1000 replies

Few are the proposals that last for more than 100 posts. Fewer are those who reach a thousand. Having such a big number means it's important for a lot of players. Here they are listed by name:

Australasian Server

People with a fast connection have a huge advantage over those with even half a second of lag. 66 Game worlds exist, but still none are located in a position where Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia can play lag free.

Banish Botters? No. DELETE BOTTERS!

How do we make it unnecessary to bot, in order to play competitively? Delete their entire account, regardless of criminal history. No second chances. No refund.

Exiva results in Empty Servers ~ PROPOSAL

The exiva spell currently gives players the ability to find anyone, anywhere in Tibia in a very short amount of time. This is way too powerful.

New Tibia Server on 7.4-7.6 version?

There is a Lot of people who still want comeback of older version of game, so maybe cipsoft could do one server on 7.4-7.6 version?

Petition to bring back old healing!

Mages dominate Knight and Pallies. I think the war battles on all worlds since the update has PROVED this. If CiP bother to watch movies of these battles then they can see themselves how stupid it is.

Pre-update - Old outfits!

I love to watch old screenshots from the older versions of tibia. Can't we choose whether to wear one of the old outfits or one of the newest? Can't CIP let us choose between them?


Multiple complaints of how the most updates since 2004 made Tibia worse.

We want new PVP Servers

Nothing much to say. It's pretty obvious.

500-999 replies

The Best Proposals!

Known compilation of 20 proposals. Including guild message, red skull warning and show healing.

100-499 replies

No proposal added yet.