On a Promoted Tibia Fansite, all information needs to be up-to-date constantly, and you will also often find own generated content there, information that is not published on the official website.


Site Name Logo URL Language(s) Item Description
BomDiaTibia BomDiaTibia https://www.bomdiatibia.com/ Portuguese Journal Shield
El Podcast Tibiano El Podcast Tibiano https://www.elpodcastibiano.com/ Spanish White Lion Doll
GuildStats Guildstats https://guildstats.eu/ Polish, English, Dutch, Portuguese Majestic Shield The only fansite with complete guild statistics, including an extensive comparison tool.
NabBot NabBot https://nabbot.xyz/ English Mini NabBot Discord bot for Tibia.
Portal Tibia Portaltibia https://www.portaltibia.com.br Portuguese Epaminondas Doll
Tibia Live Tibia Live https://tibia.live/ English
TibiaBosses TibiaBosses https://www.tibiabosses.com/ English Crunor's Heart
TibiaDraptor TibiaDraptor https://tibiadraptor.com/ English Draptor Doll
TibiaEvents TibiaEvents https://www.tibiaevents.com/ English Memory Box
TibiaFanart.com TibiaFanart https://www.tibiafanart.com/ English Yeti Doll
TibiaGoals TibiaGoals https://www.tibiagoals.com/ Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, English Luna (TibiaGoals) TibiaGoals.com celebrates game achievements and promotes mental health through Tibia's positive influence, inspiring players to dream big both in-game and in real life.
TibiaHome TibiaHome https://tibiahome.com/ Portuguese, Polish, English, Spanish Evora
TibiaLatina TibiaLatina.Wikia https://TibiaLatina.Fandom.com Spanish Black Knight Doll A wiki in Spanish.
TibiaLife TibiaLife https://www.tibialife.com.br/ Portuguese Adamant Shield
TibiaMaps TibiaMaps https://tibiamaps.io/ English Armillary Sphere (TibiaMaps)
TibiaQA TibiaQA https://www.tibiaqa.com English Omniscient Owl TibiaQA is a knowledge board, where players can ask questions and receive answers from the community.
TibiaSecrets TibiaSecrets https://tibiasecrets.com/ English Bonelord Tome
TibiaWiki.com.br TibiawikiBR https://www.tibiawiki.com.br Portuguese The Epic Wisdom A wiki in Portuguese
TibiaWiki TibiaWiki https://tibia.fandom.com/ English Heavily Bound Book
Tibiopedia Tibiopediapl https://www.tibiopedia.pl/ Polish, English Ferumbras Doll

You can find more information on promoted fansites at the official website.

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