Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Farmine
Position 129.1, 123.34, 11
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Occupational Properties
Job Cleric
Other Properties
Version 8.54
December 9, 2009
Status Active
You see Prezil.


Farmine, north of the steamship and one level down


This NPC has no notes.


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Player: hi
Prezil: Welcome, adventurer Player! What brings you here?
Player: zao
Prezil: There is a force of corruption at work in this land. It is not the destruction caused by humanoids but something else. ...
Prezil: It's like a hidden plague. Something that takes away the strength of earth and life itself. ...
Prezil: I have no idea what it is or what its source might be, but its presence haunts me even in my dreams.
Player: lizards
Prezil: It's obvious that a new path often leads to new enemies. Now that the path has been chosen, we'll have to cope with the problem.
Player: dragon
Prezil: Dragons that rule over an empire of minions are an alarming turn of events. I never heard that dragons did something like this before. ...
Prezil: Those changes confuse me but we will adapt in the course of time.
Player: fire
Prezil: There is a taint in this land that can't even be purged easily by fire.
Player: earth
Prezil: The embrace of the earth is strong here. I can feel ancient powers running just like veins of ore run through a mountain. ...
Prezil: But I also sense a sickness that is spreading. Something unhealthy winds its way through the streams of power in this land. ...
Prezil: It is not very strong here, but I can feel its source far in the north. ...
Prezil: I'm able to ward it off our base for now, but it will become stronger and stronger with each year passing.
Prezil: This temple has a slow start but we dwarfs are patient like stone. One day, this temple might become an important place, particularly when thinking of the sickness of this land.
Player: ongulf
Prezil: For a rather young dwarf, he is quite competent. Give him a few more centuries and he'll become a great leader.
Player: orc
Prezil: Orcs are a known threat - an enemy we know all too well. At least we know how to handle them. However, their strange alliance with the minotaurs is something that we've only noticed now.
Player: minotaur
Prezil: We'll see if they keep their word. We'll see if they hold the reigns of the orcish horde. And we'll see how long they will survive in this savage land at all.
Player: heal
Prezil: You aren't looking that bad. Sorry, I can't help you. But if you are looking for additional protection you should go on the pilgrimage of ashes or get the protection of the twist of fate here.
Player: pilgrimage
Prezil: Whenever you receive a lethal wound, your vital force is damaged and there is a chance that you lose some of your equipment. With every single of the five blessings you have, this damage and chance of loss will be reduced.
Player: blessings
Prezil: There are five blessings available in five sacred places: the spiritual shielding, the spark of the phoenix, the embrace of Tibia, the fire of the suns and the wisdom of solitude. Additionally, you can receive the twist of fate here.
Player: blessing_name <- the npc says what all blessers say
Prezil: The twist of fate will not reduce the death penalty like the other blessings, but instead prevent you from losing your other blessings as well as the amulet of loss, should you wear one. It costs the same as the other blessings. ...
Prezil: Would you like to receive that protection for a sacrifice of ... gold, child?
Player: bye
Prezil: Farewell, Lepperix!

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