Prey Bonus Reroll

Prey Wildcards are part of the Prey System and can be bought in the Store for 10 Tibia Coins Tibia Coins (one unit) or as package of 5 for 50 Tibia Coins Tibia Coins. You can also obtain 2 Prey Wildcards as a Daily Reward once per week.

You can buy Prey Wildcards in the Store up to a maximum of 50. The limit for getting Wildcards from Daily Rewards, however, is 52.


Use Prey Wildcards to reroll the bonus of an active prey, to lock your active prey or to select a prey of your choice.


Before 11 September 2018, these cards were called Prey Bonus Rerolls and could only be used to reroll bonuses. The limit for owning them was 25 and 27 respectively.

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