Preview Game Worlds are Game Worlds where CipSoft can test new features during testing phases. Several of these tests have already been conducted, and have often proved fruitful.

To attract players and speed up the development of a player community on the servers, preview game worlds used to give double experience and skill progress. This is no longer the case, however.

On September 11, 2017 CipSoft announced that the two existing Preview Worlds would be merged with other special-type Game Worlds, thus terminating the Preview Game Worlds type. A post by Community Manager Mirade explained the reasoning behind this decision:

"...the concept of preview worlds has not stood the test of time. We did not manage to produce enough engaging previews to keep these worlds interesting over time. The whole preview process turned out to be far more time-consuming and complex than we had anticipated and the results were not as informative and conclusive as we had hoped. (...) Nevertheless, we need a place for characters on these game worlds, we did not simply want to delete them together with their home worlds. That's why we decided to merge these world together instead."

The new Game Worlds created from Preview Game Worlds were labeled Experimental Game Worlds.

Preview Game Worlds

Name Location Type Online since
Aurera USA USA Open PvP June 13, 2012
Aurora United Kingdom United Kingdom Open PvP June 13, 2012


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