Property Value
Aliases Legion Helmet Quest
Est. Length
Level 2
(6 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active


Seymour is searching for a suitable box that he wants to give to the king.


Near the Bear Room Quest.


Orcs, 2 Minotaurs and a Bear.


Backpack containing Jug, Plate, Cup and a Present or a Legion Helmet.

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Near Bear Room Quest room you can see a chest (near a switch) that contains a backpack with a Present and some other stuff. Take it. You can keep the backpack and you need to keep the Present for later - The rest is totally useless. Now go to Seymour (here) and say box. He will trade the Present for a Legion Helmet.

Notes: A Rookguardian planning to stay may prefer to keep the present, as it is lighter, or maybe an item for collectors, since you can only get one Present on Rookgaard. Also, the value of Legion Helmets in mainland has slightly risen because they are not dropped by Rotworms anymore but still needed for an outfit quest.



Player: hi
Seymour: Hello, Player. Welcome to the Academy of Rookgaard. May I sign you up as a student?
Player: <any word with the exception of student, yes or bye>
Seymour: Only nonsense on your mind, eh?
Player: present box
Seymour: Do you have a suitable present box for me?
Player: yes
Seymour: THANK YOU! Here is a helmet that will serve you well.
Player: bye
Seymour: Good bye, Player! And remember: No running up and down in the academy!