If you enjoy the game but feel that you want to play it fully you could pay for premium for your account. This is paid with real life money (not ingame Tibia gold) to CipSoft and will give you many great benefits. Premium accounts are ordered using Element5's online payment system. They used Element5's lighter service: ShareIt, but have since upgraded to the main solution.


There are a lot of benefits having a premium account than a normal free account. These are:

Current Prices

Last updated september 2006

Duration Price
3 months (90 days) EUR €19.95 (€6.65 per month)
6 months (180 days) EUR €34.95 (€5.82 per month)
12 months (360 days) EUR €59.95 (€4.99 per month)

These prices may have been revised at any time: so do not rely on them. Please note that other currencies are supported.

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