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* Can change gender of characters (This function costs 5 premium days).
* Can change gender of characters (This function costs 5 premium days).
* Access to the premium world, [[Premia]].
* Access to the premium world, [[Premia]].
* 50% more experience points during the first hour of [[Stamina]].
* 50% more experience points during the first two hours of [[Stamina]].
== Premium Time Prices ==
== Premium Time Prices ==

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If you enjoy the game but feel that you want to play it fully you could pay for premium for your account. This is paid with real life money (not ingame Tibia gold) to CipSoft and will give you many great benefits. Premium accounts are ordered using Element5's online payment system. They used Element5's lighter service: ShareIt, but have since upgraded to the main solution.

Payment Methods

There are a few payment methods available if you want to buy a Premium Account.

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club)
  • PayPal
  • Wire/Bank Transfer
  • Cheque (sent via postal mail)
  • Cash (sent via postal mail)
  • iDeal (for Dutch people)
  • Official Resellers (serving various countries)


There are a lot of benefits having a premium account than a normal Free Account. These are:

Premium Time Prices

Last updated December 2009

Duration Price
1 month (30 days) EUR €7.45 (€7.45 per month)
3 months (90 days) EUR €19.95 (€6.65 per month)
6 months (180 days) EUR €34.95 (€5.82 per month)
12 months (360 days) EUR €59.95 (€4.99 per month)

Extra Service Prices

Last updated February 2010

Service Price
Account name change EUR €4.95
Character name change EUR €6.95
Character sex change EUR €2.95
Character world transfer EUR €19.95

These prices may be revised at any time: so do not rely on them. Please note that other currencies are also supported.

Expiration of the Premium Account

When the Premium Account is over, and the holder doesn't renew, he or she will become a Free Account player again, and all the premium benefits will be either lost or suspended.

It will be no longer possible to travel by boats, and if the player was at a premium area at the time the premium account was running out he or she will be automatically logged in at the temple of Thais if the player is a citizen of a premium city (or Thais), or in the hometown temple if the player is a citizen of another city. If the player is on Rookgaards premium area he or she will be teleported to the temple and the player will not be able to return.

If the player was either leader or vice-leader of a guild, he or she will still hold the position and its features (but for the guildhall), however the guild will enter in a disbanding process if it has less than five premium players in the vice-leadership and leadership together.

The houses and guildhall, if any, will be lost at the next server save after the Premium Account expiration. But they still can be traded with other players before they are lost, the transfer always happens before the house or guildhall is lost. Please note, however, that only guild leaders with premium account can rent a guildhall, therefore it will be needed to pass the leadership to some premium player if the guild does not want to lose the guildhall (it will be transfered automatically when the leadership is passed).

If a house or a guildhall is lost, all the portable items (like equipments) inside will be sent to the owner's depot of the city that the building is registered (even if it is a premium city). So it is advised that if the player owns a house in a premium area and it will be lost, the owner should parcel his or her items to a free area's depot. The non-portable items (like most of the furnitures) will be lost for good.

The promotions, the premium spells, the outfits and the addons which the player got will be suspended once the premium runs out, but the player will get all of them back if he or she gets another Premium Account.

If the VIP list has exceeded its Free Account limit (20 entries), no entries will be lost. However it will not be possible to add new VIPs to the list until it is deleted enough entries to make it get below the limit.

All the items in all the depots will stay where they are, even if they are in a premium city. So it is advised, if the player is not going to not renew his or her premium, to parcel all the items on these areas to a free city's depot, otherwise these items will be inaccessible until a new Premium Account is bought. If some depot had more than the Free Account limit (1000 items), no item will be lost but it will not be possible to add new items to this depot until it gets below this limit. Parcels and letters will still arrive to the depot even if it has exceeded its limit.

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