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  • Premia is the one and only world with access only to premium players. Number of players online is low compared to other worlds.
  • Advantages: Easy to start with many friendly players and easy to get a hunting ground at lower levels. Almost no powerabusing at all.
  • Disadvantages: A few low levels PKs, hard to sell items to players. A protection of botters by higher levels. A very much slower spawn then on other servers.

Premia actually holds quite a few rares, it is one of the few worlds in which all colored tomes exist. It has a Thunder Hammer, Some Green Tomes, 3 Blue Tomes and 3 Grey Tomes, it has a Silver Mace, two and possibly more Shields of Honour, a Ball Gown, a Horned Helmet, and a few Broken Amulets.

Premia is currenty home to 27 players over level 200 the first player to reach 200 was Jens Ferdinand, the first knight to get magic level 9 and 10 was Jevahi. Premia is also home to RyanhenderPremias first and only level 300.

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