Power Ring Quest/Spoiler

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Femor Hills


Goblins, Wolves and one Rotworm


a Power Ring and a Bronze Amulet

Required Equipment


  • On Femor Hills, follow along the South side of the river that flows into the mountain (just north of the Magic Carpet here), and rope up one level.
  • Head East into the mountain, and go down the ladder to the north:
Power Ring Quest Map 01.jpg
  • Follow the path to the north-east, and go down the hole. There may be a rotworm here, so be prepared.
Power Ring Quest Map 02.jpg
  • Here you will find up to 11 Goblins and four Wolves (which will attack you the moment you enter the room), and there will be Fire Fields scattered throughout the room. Go to the south-west and drop down one more level:
Power Ring Quest Map 03.jpg
  • Here will be up to 11 Goblins (again, they will all attack you the moment you enter the room), and a pen to the south with up to five Pigs in it. The Quest boxes are on the north end of this room, next to the Beer Casks:
Power Ring Quest Map 04.jpg
Power Ring Quest Box.jpg
Quest Box
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