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How to mix magical potions

Potion of recall

Once you forgot the recipe of this potion, it's hard to remember. To remember it, you should drink this potion, which of course could cause problems if you haven't something of it left or you forgot that it was this potion.

All you need for this potion is:
a dead rat
23 pieces of gold
a rose
a fishbone
a watch
a peel of a banana
and, of course,
a rapier to stir with
and finaly a pot to cook in.
Throw the ingredients together into the pot and cook it for 28 minutes. After that, cast the magical words "murana nur" on it. Drink it, and you will gain your full memory again.
BEWARE: This potion does not help undeads. In order to work, this spell needs a brain in the concerning body. Without a brain, it's useless.
It also should be mentioned, that this potion only brings back one's memories for a short period of time. It does NOT last very long....
Good luck and happy cooking!

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