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How to mix magical potions

Potion of Flight

Drink this potion and fly like a bird! All you need is listed below:
two wings of a wasp
an eye of a dead body
a rope
a potion of lemonade
a watch
and, of course,
a rapier to stir with
and finally a pot to cook in it.
Put all things except the watch into the pot and cook it for 24 minutes. Cast the spell "Flifli Bor" on it and drink it.
Don't forget to have an eye at the time! This fluid lasts for 12 minutes.
Once the time is over, you are not able to fly anymore... you'll fall down like a stone.
Therefore, never forget the time and always wear a watch when using the "potion of flight"!
Good luck and may the birds be with you!

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