Portal Tibia is a Brazilian fansite that offers news about the Tibia community and has an active forum. became a supported fansite on November 18, 2008 and a promoted fansite on April 29, 2009.

They used to have a wiki, but the wiki split and became a separate supported fansite on December 16, 2010 named

Security - February Virus

Portal Tibia hosts mirrors for the Tibia client, and in February it was suspected that these executable files have been modified. Such a modification could put players' accounts at risk. In fact, the file size of the official client is 100kB less than that of Portal Tibia's. This change has been discovered[1][2] by anti-virus software as malicious. The fansite administrator responded to one thread, stating that their website may have been compromised to change the download links:

(...) Portal Tibia uses [used] to just redirect the client link to, but suddenly this link was changed to a suspect IP. As this issue happened again this week, I've just disabled the download session for a while so we can study this case and find out how it ocurred and make sure it wont happen again.
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