Raids on Port Hope

Ape Raid on Port Hope

The Apes of Banuta do not have the knowledge and ability to sustain their own existence. From time to time, they will raid the nearby human settlement of Port Hope to gather supplies.


  1. 00:00: (unannounced raid)
Sibang225 hp/105 exp
Merlkin235 hp/145 exp

Kongra Raid South of Banuta

During this announced raid, kongras spawn south of Banuta.


  1. 00:00: There are some kongras congregating south of Banuta.
  2. 00:05: More furry primates in Banuta.
  3. 00:15: More ape and fur flurry south of Banuta!
Kongra340 hp/115 exp

Lizard Raid on Port Hope

Beware, because any time the serpent gods can invade Port Hope. This is a hard raid for low levels.


  1. 00:00: The lizards of Chor are amassing an army to take over the southern Jungle!
  2. 00:10: The army of the lizardmen is growing!
  3. 00:15: The lizard army is on its march to Port Hope. The southern jungle is no longer safe!
  4. 00:20: The lizard army is marching closer and closer to Port Hope! Beware!
  5. 00:25: The army of the lizards is dangerously close to Port Hope! Fight them back for the sake of humanity!
  6. 00:27: The serpent god may send one of his children to show his wrath!
  7. 00:30: Beware of the serpent god's wrath!
Serpent Spawn
Serpent Spawn3000 hp/3050 exp
Hydra2350 hp/2100 exp

Lizard Raid on Port Hope

40-50 Lizard Sentinels total spawn in two waves (starting at 00:10) along the river bank on the southern side of Port Hope, around this area:


  1. 00:00: Lizards seem to attack Port Hope from Chor.
  2. 00:05: Lizards are advancing to Port Hope from Chor.
  3. 00:10: (unannounced raid)
  4. 00:15: (unannounced raid)

Terror Bird Raid in Trapwood

Terror Birds spawn around this area.


  1. 00:00: Terror Birds have been sighted in Trapwood south-east of Port Hope!
Terror Bird
Terror Bird300 hp/150 exp

Serpent Spawn Raid in Deeper Banuta

Serpent spawns will sometimes raid the last floor of Banuta.


  1. 00:00: Something bad is happening deep, deep down under Banuta.
  2. 00:09: Something is sizzling deep under many sheets of soil in Banuta.
  3. 00:13: Hordes of slippery spawns slither in Deeper Banuta!
Serpent Spawn
Serpent Spawn3000 hp/3050 exp

Midnight Panther in Tiquanda

Sometimes the Midnight Panther can be found stalking the jungle.

Midnight Panther spawn on Shanera


  1. 00:00: (unannounced raid)

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