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You see a poison spider.


    Poison Spiders live in the forests and dungeons of Tibia. They usually hunt small animals, but with their poisonous bite they can even kill animals that are bigger than them. Therefore, and as they always crop up in packs, they are quite dangerous for badly equipped adventurers.

    Poison Spiders are a bit stronger than regular Spiders in that they hit harder and can poison you with venom a little stronger than that of a Snake's. It is not advisable to attack one below Level 4. Giant Spiders summon up to two Poison Spiders to break shielding and enable much stronger hits.


    Melee (0-20), Poison with 1 hp per turn (15-20 turns) or starting with 2 hp per turn (20-25 turns, 21-30 hp).

    Damage Taken From Elements

    • Physical
    • Holy
    • Death
    • Fire
    • Energy
    • Ice
    • Earth


    Found in various caves and plains around Tibia (including Rookgaard).


    A poison spider will retreat at 6 (23.08%, red) health.


    Losing one or two Hitpoints per turn due to poison is not worth using an Antidote spell or potion. Just eat Food to counter the poison, even if you are in Rookgaard.


    As of November 16, 2011, Poison Spiders as well as other poison-causing creatures can no longer be convinced. This was to prevent PvP abuse whereby a player would trick another player into convincing creatures that would later frag low level characters with poison applied earlier. After enough kills the player would obtain a Red Skull and would lose all items belonging to them upon being killed. More can be read in the news article "Content Fixes".

    A long time ago they used to look like this:

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