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Poison is one of the three types of [[Magical Damage|magical damage]]. It comes in many forms. [[Hit points]] lost due to poison damage will appear in green.
{{Infobox Object|List={{{1|}}}|GetValue={{{GetValue|}}}
| name = Poison Gas
When you are poisoned, this icon will appear under your ring slot:[[Image:Poisoned_Icon.gif]] and you will start losing [[HP]] each turn. The [[HP]] you lose each turn depends on what poisoned you and gradually reduces till until it reaches 0 or you heal yourself (see below).
| itemid = 2121
| objectclass = Fields
Poison clouds are found in some areas or can be created, for example, when a [[slime]] dies. Stepping in one of these will poison you, making you lose 103 total hitpoints, with the following amounts of damage over successive turns:
| implemented = Pre-6.0
5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.
| walkable = yes
| walkingspeed =
As with all magical damage, you can only be poisoned once at any time. That means that if you're taking poison damage and you get poisoned again, the first damage will stop and you'll just take damage from the last poison. For example, stepping in two poison clouds at close to the same time will only result in about 103 damage, not 206.
| pickupable = no
| location = Can be found anywhere outside of [[Protection Zone]]s, but more common in swampy areas.
== How to get and get rid of Poison ==
| notes = By stepping on one of these you will get the [[Poisoned]] status and take 5 points of damage on contact. Then you will lose damage over time, starting at 5 damage per turn for a total of 4x5+5x4+7x3+10x2+19x1=100 total damage. Its effects can be cured by the [[Antidote]] spell or [[Antidote Rune]]s and the gas can be removed by using a [[Destroy Field Rune]] on it.<br>Looks the same as [[Plant Poison]].<br>{{Seealso|Slime (Liquid)|Earth Damage|Poisoned}}
=== How to get Poison ===
* Standing in a Poison Cloud, either created by [[Giant Spider]]s, [[Scarab]]s, or [[Slime]]s (when they die) or created by spells like [[Poison Field]], [[Poison Bomb]] and [[Poison Wall]]
* By attacks of some monsters like [[Scorpion]]s or spells like [[Envenom]].
* Drinking a [[Potion of slime]] or a "[[Cup]]/[[Mug]] of Slime". Any of which can be obtained by using a [[Vial]],[[Cup]], or [[Mug]] on a creature with green blood.
=== How to get rid of Poison ===
* Using the [[Antidote|Antidote Spell]] or [[Antidote Rune]].
* Asking a [[NPC]] in a Temple to heal you.
* Waiting for the effect to naturally dissapear.
==Poisonous Creatures==
{{DASH|List of creatures that '''poison you''' when attacking, create poison fields, or use poison area attacks (such as [[Poison Storm]]).
*[[Ancient Scarab]]
*[[Giant Spider]]
*[[Dworc Venomsniper]]
*[[Dworc Voodoomaster]]
*[[Poison Spider]]
*[[Scarab]] - ''Scarabs put poison field under '''themselves''', rather than shoot it at you
*[[Slime]] - ''Turns into a poison field when killed.''
*[[Spit Nettle]]
*[[Swamp Troll]]
*'''[[The Old Widow]]'''
*[[Thornback Tortoise]]
==Direct-poison attack==
Direct poison attack causes instant damage, ''without poison'' <br>
{{DASH|List of creatures that use poison damage which does '''not''' poison you
*[[Ancient Scarab]]
*[[Elder Beholder]]
*[[Novice of the Cult]]
*[[Spit Nettle]]
*'''[[The Old Widow]]'''
*'''[[Bones]]''' - ''No longer in game
==Creatures immune to poison==
{{DASH|Creatures that cannot be poisoned.
*[[Adept of the Cult]]
*[[Ancient Scarab]]
*'''[[Apprentice Sheng]]'''
*[[Barbarian Bloodwalker]]
*[[Barbarian Brutetamer]]
*[[Barbarian Headsplitter]]
*[[Barbarian Skullhunter]]
*[[Betrayed Wraith]]
*[[Black Knight]]
*[[Blood Crab]]
*[[Blue Djinn]]
*[[Crypt Shambler]]
*[[Crystal Spider]]
*[[Dark Torturer]]
*[[Demon Skeleton]]
*[[Dire Penguin]] - ''Not confirmed yet''
*[[Dragon Lord]]
*[[Dwarf Geomancer]]
*[[Dwarf Guard]]
*[[Dwarf Soldier]]
*[[Dworc Fleshhunter]]
*[[Dworc Venomsniper]]
*[[Dworc Voodoomaster]]
*[[Elder Beholder]]
*[[Elf Arcanist]]
*[[Enlightened of the Cult]]
*'''[[Ferumbras]]''' - ''Not confirmed yet''
*[[Frost Dragon]]
*[[Giant Spider]]
*[[Green Djinn]]
*[[Hand of Cursed Fate]]
*[[Hellfire Fighter]]
*[[Ice Golem]]
*[[Ice Witch]]
*[[Lizard Sentinel]]
*[[Lizard Snakecharmer]]
*[[Lizard Templar]]
*[[Lost Soul]]
*[[Massive Water Elemental]]
*[[Mimic]] - ''Not confirmed as it doesn't exist''
*'''[[Mr. Punish]]'''
*[[Orc Berserker]]
*[[Orc Shaman]]
*[[Pirate Ghost]]
*[[Poison Spider]]
*[[Quara Constrictor]]
*[[Quara Hydromancer]]
*[[Quara Hydromancer Scout]]
*[[Quara Mantassin]]
*[[Quara Pincher]]
*[[Quara Predator]]
*[[Quara Predator Scout]]
*[[Serpent Spawn]]
*[[Son of Verminor]]
*[[Spit Nettle]]
*[[Stone Golem]]
*'''[[The Evil Eye]]'''
*'''[[The Old Widow]]'''
*'''[[Ron the Ripper]]''' - ''Not confirmed yet.''
*'''[[Tiquandas Revenge]]'''
*[[Undead Dragon]]
*[[Water Elemental]]
==Creatures ''not'' immune to poison==
{{DASH|Creatures that '''can''' be poisoned.
*[[Acolyte of the Cult]]
*[[Azure Frog]]
*[[Black Sheep]]
*[[Carrion Worm]]
*[[Cave Rat]]
*[[Chakoya Toolshaper]]
*[[Chakoya Tribewarden]]
*[[Chakoya Windcaller]]
*[[Coral Frog]]
*[[Crimson Frog]]
*[[Dark Monk]]
*[[Diabolic Imp]]
*[[Elf Scout]]
*'''[[Ferumbras]]''' - ''Not confirmed yet''
*[[Fire Devil]]
*[[Fire Elemental]]
*[[Frost Giant]]
*[[Frost Giantess]]
*[[Frost Troll]]
*'''[[General Murius]]'''
*[[Green Frog]]
*[[Grynch Clan Goblin]] - ''No longer in game''
*[[Island Troll]]
*[[Mimic]] - ''Not confirmed''
*[[Minotaur Archer]]
*[[Minotaur Guard]]
*[[Minotaur Mage]]
*[[Novice of the Cult]]
*[[Orc Leader]]
*[[Orc Rider]]
*[[Orc Spearman]]
*[[Orc Warlord]]
*[[Orc Warrior]]
*[[Orchid Frog]]
*[[Pirate Buccaneer]]
*[[Pirate Corsair]]
*[[Pirate Cutthroat]]
*[[Pirate Marauder]]
*[[Pirate Skeleton]]
*[[Polar Bear]]
*[[Quara Constrictor Scout]]
*[[Quara Mantassin Scout]]
*[[Quara Pincher Scout]]
*[[Silver Rabbit]]
*[[Swamp Troll]]
*[[Terror Bird]]
*'''[[Brutus Bloodbeard]]'''
*'''[[Deadeye Devious]]'''
*'''[[The Horned Fox]]'''
*'''[[Lethal Lissy]]'''
*'''[[Ron the Ripper]]''' - Not confirmed yet
*[[Thornback Tortoise]]
*[[War Wolf]]
*[[Wild Warrior]]
*[[Winter Wolf]]
== Spells and Runes ==
{{DASH|List of spells and runes which inflict Poison Damage.
**[[Poison Storm]]
**[[Poison Field]]
**[[Poison Wall]]
**[[Poison Bomb]]
{{DASH|List of [[Wands]] and [[Rods]] that shoot poison, though they do not cause the poisoned status.
**[[Snakebite Rod]]
**[[Quagmire Rod]]
**[[Wand of Plague]]
{{DASH|List of equipment that provide protection against Poison.
**[[Elven Amulet]]
**[[Silver Amulet]]
**[[Might Ring]]

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Property Value
General Properties
Name Poison Gas
Item ID 2121
Classification Fields
Other Properties
Walk Speed
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
Poison Gas
You see poison gas.


Can be found anywhere outside of Protection Zones, but more common in swampy areas.


By stepping on one of these you will get the Poisoned status and take 5 points of damage on contact. Then you will lose damage over time, starting at 5 damage per turn for a total of 4x5+5x4+7x3+10x2+19x1=100 total damage. Its effects can be cured by the Antidote spell or Antidote Runes and the gas can be removed by using a Destroy Field Rune on it.
Looks the same as Plant Poison.
See also: Slime (Liquid), Earth Damage, and Poisoned

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