You see a poison dagger (Atk:16 physical + 2 earth, Def:8).
Classification: 1 Tier: 0.
It weighs 8.80 oz.


Since the Winter Update 2007, this dagger causes earth damage, which does 1 damage each turn and lasts approximately 1 turn for every 10 damage done to the creature. The harder the hit, the longer the creature is poisoned.
Since the 2008 Summer Update this dagger shows a physical attack value of 16 plus an additional +2 in earth damage when you look at it. It still does the same poison damage as described above though.
A few of those still remain in Rookgaard on a few worlds since they were once lootable from Minotaurs.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

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NPC City Value
in gp