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Edron, Podzilla


Amber Crusher Amber Crusher, and the base Rootwalker Outfits.
Outfit Rootwalker Male Outfit Rootwalker Female

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The Rise of Podzilla[]

Meet NPC Gunther in Edron. He will tell you he's looking for an adventurer like you and that he saw a humongous plant moving on open sea, and slowly heading straight for the mainland. Accept his invite to stop and destroy the plant and head to Edron's ship to talk to Captain Seahorse.

Talk to the captain about Gunther and embark the ship leading to the plant.

A Dangerous Journey[]

Once on the ship you realize you'll only be able to defeat it from the inside and you need to find a way to enter the plant.

Use the lever to start this task. Here you only need to sail west towards the big plant and enter its mouth. On the way there will be Storms, Storm Water Vortexes Water Vortex and Ghost Ships Ghost Ship which will disturb your way and decrease your counter. They use lots of spells in area and can cause fear Feared Icon so avoid navigating close to them.

Note that reaching zero with your counter will result in failure and you'll have to try again later. You can attempt this task every 10 minutes after a failure. On the flipside, after your first successful trip you can ask Captain Seahorse for a shortcut so you don't have to repeat this process.

Looking for Clues[]

Now that you are inside the plant you have to look for clues on what is happening and how you can stop it.

Leave the ship and talk to Atui. He will greet you and immediately tell you that place is forsaken and tainted by the vile touch of Doctor Marrow.

Contact the Plant People[]

You need to make allies to make your way to Marrow. Eat a Demon Root Demon Root to be able to talk to the plant people. The root can be obtained from any rootthing creatures in the stalk area.

Note: You will get Superdrunk for a few seconds after eating a demon root!

After that, return to the ground floor of Podzilla and walk through a green teleport located northwest. Go upstairs and talk to Two Lips to offer your help to destroy the invaders. Two Lips asks you to prove you're worth by destroying the Crimson Death Blossom.

Crimson Death Blossom[]

Crimson Death Flower

The flower is located south of the first floor in the hunting area, after you step in the vortex teleport. The entrance to its lair is here.

In order to destroy the flower you need to first destroy the Rootthing Bucklers protecting its roots, however the roots are also protected by a magical shield. Kill all 13 rootthings and you'll be able to break the magical shield with any weapon, then use an Amber Sickle Amber Sickle to cut the roots. You need to cut a total of 10 roots to succeed (you can check your progress in the questlog).

Note: Cutting all roots in this task will make so cocoons start spawning in the hunting areas for the next 2 hours. These are needed in the second part of this task later on this quest, so if you and your team are not planning to conclude the quest in one go, it is recommended to at least progress until that mission, otherwise this process will have to be redone.

To make this process more effective it is recommended to leave all rootthings on low health, break the roots with a melee weapon, then once you are ready kill all of them as fast as you can to have a bigger amount of time to cut the roots. As soon as one of them respawn you'll be unable to cut more roots.

Note that an Amber Sickle will break after some use or time in your backpack, so make sure to be time efficient as you'll very likely need to loot more than one to complete this mission.

After killing the flower return to Two Lips to prove your worth and you'll be granted access to the sacred garden.

Protect The Bloom[]

Just east from Two Lips you can find a teleport (here). Enter it and you'll find yourself in a room with a lever for 5 players. For this task just make sure to have supplies to deal damage but don't worry about any danger.

Here your goal is to protect The Bloom from Invader Bugs. To do that, kill the Wildly Growing Plants in the room and loot the random seed they will drop, then drag and drop the seed downstairs in a tile with fertile earth. When doing that a flower of the respective seed color will spawn for a minute and cast spells to kill bugs close to it. Different flowers have different pattern of spells.

Each killed bug will grant you a point, and you will succeed the mission when reaching 100 points. You fail the mission if The Bloom's counter reaches 0.

Report back to Two Lips and move to the next mission.

Quara Quarrel[]

Go back to the hunting area, and head northeast on the -2 floor where you can find a room in a heart shape (here). In this room Quara Kindlers are attacking Rootthing Conservators as they plan to destroy the Plant Heart.

The heart has a fire counter with 100 points and your goal is to use the Potent Dew Potent Dews on the floor on it to extinguish the fire. Each dew decreases the counter by one while the counter keeps on going up after a short period of time. You and every player in the room succeed when the counter next to the heart reaches 1.

Since there's a lot going on in the room, it can be easy to miss the questlog message here, so pay attention whether the flames on the heart disappear, or check your questlog.

Go back to surface and report to Two Lips once again.

Going Deeper[]

Go back to -2 and meet NPC Sprout Sentinel, located northwest on that floor (here).

Sprout Sentinel will tell you they need your help and ask you to kill pest bugs with power of rotten plant matter.

For The Sprout[]

Enter the teleport next to Sprout Sentinel and you'll see yourself in another 5-man lever room.

Here you'll have to kill 100 Pest Bugs that are trying to destroy all Fledgling Sprouts in the room. In order to do that you and your teammates need to run upstairs, kill Writhing Masses, then stay on the green vortex that appears after their death. By doing that you'll be charged with corrupted energy and your character will start waving or beaming with a random pattern. Use these beams and waves to kill the pest bugs.

Note: Your waves and beams also damage the sprout you are protecting. Be smart with positioning and avoiding killing them!

Your corrupted energy gets discharged after about a minute, so when that happens go back upstairs to kill another Writhing Mass and repeat the process until you succeed.

Once the mission is concluded, return to Sprout Sentinel.

The Root of Evil[]

Report your achievement to Sprout Sentinel and he'll tell you Crimson Death Blossom is still not defeated and has spread Rootthing Cocoons around and these need to be destroyed.

Crimson Death Blossom - Part II[]

Note: The cocoons mentioned in this task are only available for 2 hours after killing all 13 Rootthing Bucklers and cutting all roots from the Crimson Death Blossom, normally done in the Crimson Death Blossom task.

Cocoons can be found on -1 and -2 floors. They are located in corners around the floor so in general it's not hard to spot them however they are often in spots with a large group of creatures, so it could be tricky to kill them safely.

When you find a Rootthing Coccoon, kill it and a new creature will spawn. They can be:

The two pupated creatures in this list are the ones we are looking for. If they spawn, kill them and your progress in the mission goes up by one point. When 20 of them are killed you conclude the mission.

Note: Being in a Party with shared experience allows players to share kill counts among all members, as long as they are in sharing range and participate in the kill by dealing damage.

Blightling and Thorn Lily are unwanted spawns that will just delay your progress and cause a lot of damage. Avoid getting trapped with Lily as it does a lot of Mana Drain!

With 20 pupated rootthings killed, return to Sprout Sentinel and report your progress.

Coin Toss[]

Sprout Sentinel asks you to find a way to break shimmer-wall of Doctor Marrow. Go to -3 floor and go in the teleport for this task (here). Make sure to bring some Gold Coin Gold Coins!

This task takes place in a maze with Powered Energy Barriers and Undergrowths blocking the paths. Your goal is to clear the way to reach Powergenerators.

Undergrowths can be killed normally, and one can force their respawn in a different tile by standing where they spawn. It is recommended to do that so your team doesn't waste time killing the same undergrowth multiple times.

Powered Energy Barriers are destroyed when Overloads are killed in a close range to them. To get an Overload you need to hit the Charged Energy Coil in the centre of the room. Once it spawns an Overload it will turn into an Energy Coil and players must wait few seconds for it to get charged again.

Use these mechanics to clear the pathing and reach Powergenerators and once you do, toss a Gold Coin Gold Coin on it. This will damage the generator and get it teleported somewhere else random in the room.

Repeat the process until you destroy the generator. Now you have access to Doctor Marrow's lair.

Death to Marrow[]

The final fight takes place in the last floor on the hunting area. With the Coin Toss task completed you are granted access to a shortcut just south of the task's teleport.

Click the orb and go downstairs, then proceed to the center area where the lever to The Rootkraken is located.

The Rootkraken[]

The Rootkraken
Note: Don't forget to bring Gold Coin Gold Coins for this bossfight!
Battle recommendations:
Physical Protection Icon
Equip Physical Damage Protection during this fight.
Death Protection Icon
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight. Only when Doctor Marrow is attacking you.

As you enter the fight you will see yourself and your teammates in a room with The Rootkraken and Doctor Marrow. Both of them are initially immune to any damage, so don't waste time with them for now.

The first goal here is to go upstairs in either west, north or east directions, kill the Writhing Masses, step on the green vortexes to get charged with corrupted energy, similar to how you do in the For The Sprout mission.

Now that you're charged, go upstairs in the south stairs and position yourselves to destroy Rampant Barriers with the autocasted spells granted by the green vortexes. Repeat the process until you reach the Powergenerator and destroy it by tossing a Gold Coin Gold Coin on it, similar to the Coin Toss mission. Be careful because overtime plant summons will appear in the room making the running back and forth more dangerous.

Note: The following details are still being evaluated and updated as we learn more on the bossfight. If you believe we are missing any important information, please consider joining our Discord and sharing it with the contributors team.

Now that the generator is destroyed both bosses in the main room can take damage, and your goal is to kill The Rootkraken. From now on you will face:

  • The Rootkraken, dealing mostly Physical Damage Physical Damage but also some Death Damage Death Damage; can also Rooted Root players.
  • Doctor Marrow, dealing mostly Earth Damage Earth Damage with a considerate amount of Physical Damage Physical Damage; can also Rooted Root and Feared Fear players.
  • Plant summons (Rotten Plant Thing, Angry Plant Thing, Frenzied Plant Thing), dealing mostly Physical Damage Physical Damage but also Earth Damage Earth Damage and Death Damage Death Damage.
    • These plants keep on appearing in the fight within waves and 'evolve' overtime until they get to the Frenzied state. In the Frenzied state the plants will increase the number of stacks for a player they are attacking, and the more stacks players have, the more damage they take from anything in the fight.

While it is possible to deal damage and 'kill' Doctor Marrow (he will run away when he gets to about half health) it is recommended to lure him away to the opposite direction in the room from where you will be attacking The Rootkraken. That way your Knight should have a better time tanking and won't have to deal with Feared Fear. It is recommended to fight in the southeast corner of the room as it's a spot where you can trap or position the boss with the help of walls, and plant a Blooming Tower (explained in the next paragraph) within reach.

Similar to the Protect The Bloom mission, you can plant Blooming Towers in soil tiles spread in the room. This is not a mandatory mechanic but it is recommended in order to have some extra damage dealt on the boss and to assist you controlling the summons in the room. Different from the access mission, here you'll have to bring your own seeds, which can be looted from Rootthings in the first floors of Podzilla.

Keep on attacking the boss (you can also deal damage to it with the autocasted spells you get from Writhing Masses!), luring Marrow away, and dealing with summons until it's dead. Marrow and all existing summons in the room will disappear when that happens.

In your first kill, included with your normal loot you will also earn a Amber Crusher Amber Crusher, which allows you crushing gems to obtain Lesser Fragment Lesser Fragments and Greater Fragment Greater Fragments.


Outfit Rootwalker Male
Outfit Rootwalker Female

After defeating The Rootkraken, report a last time to Two Lips and you will receive the base Rootwalker Outfit.