There is a ghostship that haunts the waters between Venore to Darashia.




Skeletons, Ghouls, Ghosts, Vampires, Demon Skeletons and possibly Captain Jones (rare spawn).


Plate Armor


  • Travel money (variable amount)


  • Go to Venore boat, and travel VenoreDarashia until you are hijacked by the Ghostship.
  • Go down and fight your way across the gangplank to the southern boat.
  • Go down to 2 vampires, 1 demon skeleton and a ghost. Kill them and use the coffin on the east to receive your reward. Warning: when you go down you will land on a fire field.
  • Go back up, and up again to a single ghost and a magic forcefield. Enter this portal to appear at Darashia's boat.

Note: When it is night in Tibia, you are more likely to go to the Ghostship. (unconfirmed)

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