Raids in the Plains of Havoc

Undead Army in Plains of Havoc


  1. 00:00: The dead of the plains of havoc are becoming restless!
  2. 00:06: (unannounced raid)
  3. 00:08: A veritable army of undead is amassing in the plains of havoc, beware!
  4. 00:10: The dreaded banshees lead their undead minions to claim the plains of havoc!


Giant Spider Raid on Plains of Havoc


  1. 00:00: The mating season of the giant spiders is at hand. Leave the plains of havoc as fast as you can.
  2. 00:09: Giant spiders have gathered on the plains of havoc for their mating season. Beware!

Giant Spider1300/900Giant Spider

Passed: April Fools Raid in Plains of Havoc


  1. 00:00: You feel the earth shaking!
  2. ?: The end is near! The Ruthless Seven are rising!
  3. ?: The Ruthless Seven have risen to hold their secret council. They will gather somewhere in the Plains of Havoc to debate Tibias destiny and doom. Don't come to close, for if you do, you will face your own destiny!
  4. ?: The herald of the Ruthless Seven is preparing their arrival close to the spiders rock. Behold mortals. It is the end of times!

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