This hole is situated a bit south of the temple in the Plains of Havoc and is generally well known for the quantity of players that die in it, because of the common luring of many high damage-inflicting creatures. Normally there is only one Giant Spider roaming this hole. Upon falling (or being pushed) in this hole, low-level players usually die instantly and with 5 or more Giant Spiders it is not uncommon to see players of level 100 or above die as well.

Common creatures lured into this hole are:

If, on the other hand, you are interested in luring things here, there are a few things to remember :

  • First of all such traps are illegal in Tibia and can result in a banishment if a GM witnesses it. (On PvP worlds and on Non-PvP worlds )
  • You will likely get hunted if a high-level dies and you are the person that looted his items.
  • If you put stuff over the hole to hide it and hope people will fall through, make sure you know where the hole is . (Although uncommon, seeing lurers fall into their own holes is possible and extremely ironic)
  • If you see someone luring creatures into holes like this one, try not to hunt near there because people who died in there might mistake you for the lurer and/or you might fall in yourself by accident.


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