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You see Pirate Skeleton.


    As cursed as the dreadful pirate ghosts but lacking their willpower, these unlucky former pirates float along the corridors as mindless undead killing machines. While personal guilt or curses of their victims might be the main reason for their sad existence, many of the Pirate Skeletons also own their being to their former captains who changed into powerful ghosts after they lost their human life. Again others are said to be the creation of necromancers or similar dark creatures.
    Still they seem more accustomed to killing and fighting than several other undead. Having constantly to fear to lose their lives a whole lifetime long seems to have created some fighting instincts that are still present in their old bones. More a mindless machine than anything else, they are rather weak when being on their own. Their threat increases significantly if being accompanied by a pirate ghost. Headed by a pirate ghost, Pirate Skeletons seem to obtain some of the malicious intelligence of their leaders.

    They are not very strong because they have rather weak melee and no Life Drain. They give the same exp as Ghouls, but have more hitpoints and little bit more defense. They drop Spooky Blue Eyes which is nice decoration.


    Melee (0-50).

    Damage Taken From Elements

    • Physical
    • Holy
    • Death
    • Fire
    • Energy
    • Ice
    • Earth


    They will try to attack you in close combat but they will flee in low red hp.


    Any vocation with the least bit of decent equipment should have no problems facing them as they deal pretty low damage in general.


    (Loot Statistics)

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