Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum! If you love the pirate way of life and sneer at landlubbers, this might be the right outfit for you. Pirates are said to roam the Shattered Isles...




All sorts of Pirates (including pirate bosses), Tarantulas, Slimes


Pirate Outfits, addons, & achievement Swashbuckler.
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Outfit Pirate Male.gif Outfit Pirate Female.gif

Required Equipment


Complete the Meriana Quest. Once you have done it the only thing you have to do is report back to Raymond and say:

Pirate outfit

Now you have a Pirate Outfit.


Player: Hi
Raymond Striker: Be greeted.
Player: Pirate outfit
Raymond Striker: Ah, right! The pirate outfit! Here you go, now you are truly one of us.
Player: Bye
Raymond Striker: May there always be wind in your sails.

Pirate Sabre

Outfit Pirate Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Pirate Female Addon 1.gif

Required Equipment

(dropped by all kind of pirates)


Talk to Duncan and say tasks, he will ask you to give him 100 Eye Patches, 100 Peg Legs and 100 Hooks, in that order. When you bring them to him, he will tell you a secret word. Go to Morgan and tell him that word, he will give you a sabre for pirate outfit.


player: hi
Duncan: Hi Player, come closer. Have a look at my wares and such..
player: addon
Duncan: You're talking about my sabre? Well, even though you earned our trust, you'd have to fulfil a task first before you are granted to wear such a sabre.
player: task
Duncan: Are you up to the task which I'm going to give you and willing to prove you're worthy of wearing such a sabre?
player: yes
Duncan: Listen, the task is not that hard. Simply prove that you are with us and not with the pirates from Nargor by bringing me some of their belongings. ...
Duncan: Bring me 100 of their eye patches, 100 of their peg legs and 100 of their hooks, in that order. ...
Duncan: Have you understood everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
player: yes
Duncan: Good! Come back to me once you have gathered 100 eye patches.
player: patch
Duncan: Have you gathered 100 eye patches?
player: yes
Duncan: Good job. Alright, now bring me 100 peg legs.
player: leg
Duncan: Have you gathered 100 peg legs?
player: yes
Duncan: Nice. Lastly, bring me 100 pirate hooks. That should be enough to earn your sabre.
player: hook
Duncan: Have you gathered 100 hooks?
player: yes
Duncan: I see, I see. Well done. Go to Morgan and tell him this codeword: 'firebird'. He'll know what to do.
player: bye
Duncan: Good bye.

player: hi
Morgan: Hello there, Player. What can I do for you?
player: firebird
Morgan: Ahh. So Duncan sent you, eh? You must have done something really impressive. Okay, take this fine sabre from me, mate.
player: bye
Morgan: Good bye, Player.

Pirate Hat

Outfit Pirate Male Addon 2.gif Outfit Pirate Female Addon 2.gif


Talk to Ariella and say task, she will ask you to kill the 4 raid leaders (Lethal Lissy, Ron the Ripper, Brutus Bloodbeard, Deadeye Devious) and take their loot with you as a proof that you have killed them. Then you will get the hat-addon for your pirate outfit (In each pirate raid on Liberty Bay there can be any number of pirate leaders).

The items needed to get the addon are: Ron the Ripper's Sabre, Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch, Lethal Lissy's Shirt, Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat


player: hi
Ariella: Hi there Player, and welcome to my tavern.
player: addon
Ariella: You mean my hat? Well, I might have another one just like that, but I won't simply give it away, even if you earned our trust. You'd have to fulfil a task first.
player: task
Ariella: Are you up to the task which I'm going to give you and willing to prove you're worthy of wearing such a hat?
player: yes
Ariella: Alright, listen closely. There are four pirate leaders who have been troubling us for a long time now. ...
Ariella: They often lead raids on Liberty Bay and wreck havoc in the settlement - and afterwards, the blame is put on us. ...
Ariella: Their names are 'Lethal Lissy', 'Ron the Ripper', 'Brutus Bloodbeard' and 'Deadeye Devious'. ...
Ariella: If you can find and kill them all, be sure to retrieve an item from them as proof that you killed them. ...
Ariella: Bring me the shirt of Lissy, the sabre of Ron, the hat of Brutus and the eye patch of Deadeye and you will be rewarded. ...
Ariella: Have you understood everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
player: yes
Ariella: Good! Come back to me once you have all four items and ask me about that task.
player: task
Ariella: Your task is to bring me the shirt of the Lethal Lissy, the sabre of Ron the Ripper, the hat of Brutus Bloodbeard and the eye patch of Deadeye Devious. Did you succeed?
player: yes
Ariella: INCREDIBLE! You have found all four of them! Player, you have my respect. You more than deserve this hat. There you go.
player: bye
Ariella: Good bye.

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