You see a piggy bank.
It weighs 7.50 oz.


Every time you use it you get a Platinum Coin (piggy bank plays Yellow Notes Effect Yellow Musical Notes), but be careful; it can turn into a Broken Piggy Bank (while Sparks Effect Sparking), even on the first try, at the same time leaving you a Gold Coin. The statistics show that piggy banks have a 20% break rate. This suggests the average value for a piggy bank is 401 gp.
See also: Piggy Bank/Statistics
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Reward from the Arena, Greenhorn level.
Reward from The New Frontier Quest.
It can be obtained through Belongings of a Deceased and Unrealized Dreams.
After breaking 50 Piggy Banks you will receive the achievement Allowance Collector.
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Although this item was implemented in Summer Update 2004, it became obtainable only after Summer Update 2006 when it was added to creatures loot.

Trade Details

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Players only.

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Players only.