Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Thais
Position 126.144, 125.232, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Pig
Occupational Properties
Job Artist
Other Properties
Version 8.1
December 11, 2007
Status Active
Pig (NPC)
You see pig.
NPC Bubble D


The McRonald Farm in Thais, on Farm Lane.


It calls itself Shantalla when talking to male characters, but Shantor when talking to female ones. It says that it used to be a princess and was cursed by an evil witch to live as a pig.

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Player: hi
Pig: {Oink}.
Player: oink
Pig: Don't kill {me}! I taste bad!
Player: me/job
Pig: Once I was a beautiful {princess} but now I'm only an ordinary {pig} without much dignity!
Player: princess
Pig: An evil witch has cursed me to live as a pig until the {best kisser} in the world gives me a {kiss}.
Player: best kisser
Pig: You probably have the potential. If your kiss does not lift the curse, travel the world to learn more about {kissing}.
Player: kissing
Pig: Learn as much about kissing as you can. I'm sure you can learn the basics in the major cities. To refine your skill you might need to travel to the countryside, explore sparsely populated areas and even face some dangers.
Player: pig
Pig: It's just the appearance. Inside I am still the beautiful princess I used to be.
Player: name
Pig: My name is Shantalla.
Player: time
Pig: Where do you think I'd wear a watch?
Player: bye
Pig: Bye.

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