Property Value
Aliases Small Axe Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 2
(4 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active


It seems a traveler died when he took the wrong way to some dirty beasts, instead of going trough poison gas and find the treasure guarded by dark magic. - from a once found report. (Katana Quest Cave).




Small Axe that you can exchange for Pick.

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This Quest has two parts. First, you need to get a Small Axe. Second, take the axe to Al Dee (here) and ask for a Pick.

There are multiple ways to complete the first part:

  1. Skeleton Cave (premium)
  2. Goblins (premium)
  3. Main Premium Cave (premium)
  4. Katana Quest Cave
  5. Orc Cave
  6. Minotaur Hell

Skeleton Cave

This one can be easily completed even on level 1.

In the premium area - in the far south-west behind the swamps, there is a hole (you need a Shovel) that is obscured by a tree.

Be prepared to meet ~2 Cave Rats and -3 Skeletons in the cave.

At the bottom of the cave (there's only one path, so you won't get lost), there are two coffins guarded by two Skeletons. The coffin to the right contains a Small Axe.

Small axe 2


Sometimes Goblins will drop Small Axes. Just keep killing them until you find one.

Main Premium Cave

In the main cave of the Premium Account Area of Rookgaard there are many respawns of Small Axes.

Katana Quest Cave

  • From the northern town exit, head north-east to find a Loose Stone Pile. Open it with a Shovel.
  • Go down and kill the Poison Spider and Spiders. Follow the cave to find a ladder down.
  • Go down the ladder and kill the 3 skeletons. Follow the cave east to a rope hole.
  • Rope up and go to the north. Search the dead human to find a Small Axe (once per floor reset).

Warning: rotworms are very strong for a Rookgaard monster! In addition, they cannot be pushed, so don't get trapped! You can walk around the cave to lure them away, since they are slow, or you can try run directly to the corpse. It is not recommended to kill them. If you get trapped, it is unlikely you will survive. It may be best to "exit log"—close the client and hope your character gets kicked offline before it dies. However, since the death penalty is lenient in Rookgaard, you may prefer to simply die.
Note: this is also the route to the Katana Quest. You may wish to do this also - see that quest spoiler for information.

Orc Cave

  • From the nothern town exit, head north and find a staircase leading underground.
  • Go down and head north, then east until you find a ladder down.
  • Go down and walk north, when the path splits take the west path. Follow the path and look out for the first ladder you see (going down). Prepare for a few orcs here.
  • Go down and head west. Kill the orcs in the large room and search the southern cave extension for a Box (there should be 2, with a Chest). The eastern box contains a Small Axe and 4 Arrows after each Floor Reset.

Minotaur Hell

  • From the nothern town exit, head north and find a staircase leading underground.
  • Go down and head north, then east until you find a ladder down.
  • Go down and walk north, when the path splits take the north-east path. Head north-west when it splits again to find another ladder down.
  • Go down and walk northward until you find the next ladder down. There are many wolves and some orcs all over.
  • Go down again and clear the room. There are 2 minotaurs on this floor with many orcs and wolves.
  • In the south-eastern part of the room, right by the ladder down, search behind a large rock for a hidden Small Axe.


Player: hi
Al Dee: Hello, hello, Player! Please come in, look, and buy!
Player: pick
Al Dee: Picks are hard to come by. I trade them only for high quality small axes. Do you want to trade?
Player: yes
Al Dee: Splendid! Here take your pickaxe.
Player: bye
Al Dee: Bye, bye.

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