You see Peremin


    He worked with Prof Zeronex on a glooth powered flying device.


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    Player: hi
    Peremin: Hi there. I hope I can help you, I really do. Did you know that we worked on some revolutionary vehicles here? No? Oh well.
    Player: vehicles
    Peremin: So, you are looking for some kind of vehicle to ease travelling around these parts? Well then ...
    Peremin: One of the teams I was in, recently conducted some experiments concerning some kind of glider. We were tasked with the actual flight of the thing. ...
    Peremin: However, we could never quite get that thing to do what we asked it to. Still, a revolutionary thing - incredible, really. It was glooth powered but don't get your hopes up just yet. ...
    Peremin: The only thing left from this project, are blueprints. We never got it to actually lift off. I know of some guy who claimed to have found a way - but that one is not working with us anymore. ...
    Peremin: If I remember correctly, his name was professor Pierre Zeronex. But beware, that guy can be... dangerous. ...
    Peremin: And even in case you find those plans, there are a lot of other factors and requirements to count in as well: ...
    Peremin: We are constantly raided by bandits, we need a certain amount of clean glooth, you would need a way to constantly 'power' the glooth its running on and there is the 'secret ingredient' from that weird Zeronex.
    Player: blueprints
    Peremin: We usually draw blueprints before building anything. They also serve as documentation as well as base for prototypes, we also revise them often.
    Player: job
    Peremin: I work here. Doin' the stuff that I'm ordered to.

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