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This article contains quest spoiling information. Read at your own risk.

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Maps of the Peninsula Tomb

Non-Hunting Floors

Ank Peninsula Tomb1

First Hunting Floor

Ank Peninsula Tomb2

A Snakes and Larvas I 2 Skeletons and a Lion
B Larva and Skeleton J 2 Snakes, 3 Skeletons and 2 Ghouls
C Scarab K Snake, Larva and Skeleton
D Larvas, Skeletons and a Ghoul L Skeletons
E Snakes, Ghoul and Lion M Spiders and a Ghoul
F Ghouls and Larvas N Spiders and Ghouls
G Larva O Skeleton and Ghoul
H Lion P Snakes and 2 Ghouls

Second Hunting Floor

Ank Peninsula Tomb3

A 4 Larvas I 2 Crypt Shamblers and a Mummy Q 2 Crypt Shamblers and a Mummy Y Ghoul
B Snakes, Skeletons, and Ghouls J Stone Golem R 2 Skeletons Z Scarab and 2 Ghouls
C Ghouls K Larva and 3 Skeletons S Larva and a Scarab 1 Larvas and a Scarab
D 3 Crypt Shamblers L 2 Skeletons and 2 Lions T Lion, 2 Scorpions and 2 Skeletons 2 2 Scarabs
E Lion and 2 Slimes M Lion, Larva, 2 Scorpions and a Mummy U 3 Scorpions 3 Larva and a Scarab
F 1 Mummy N Scorpions V 2 Lions and 2 Crypt Shamblers 4 Scarab, Cobra and 2 Ghouls
G Larvas O 2 Ghouls W Scarab and stairs to floor -6 5 Mummy
H 2 Mummies P 2 Slimes X Scorpion 6 Larva, Ghoul, Scorpion and Mummy

Third Hunting Floor (beyond teleport)

Monsters from here on are unknown and it's suggested that you take care beyond the teleport. Peninsulatombpassedflame1

Fourth Hunting Floor (beyond teleport)