The Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite is a society lead by Grizzly Adams (along with his pet Ben) in Port Hope. To join the Paw and Fur society you will need to talk to Grizzly Adams, you can sign up for different tasks depending on your current level. The tasks consist of hunting creatures of different numbers and sizes, most of which can be found in Tiquanda. Upon completing the tasks you will rise in rank and eventually gain additional rewards besides experience. Naji at the Thais depot would like to join the The Paw and Fur Society.

Paw and Fur: Ranks

Rank Completed Tasks Reward
Huntsman 10 5000 exp, Ability to sell Cyclops Trophies and Minotaur Trophies (500gp each).
Ranger 20 (Level 50 required) 8000 exp, Travel with Lorek to Banuta, Chor and near the mountain pass to Darama.
Big Game Hunter 40 (Level 80 required) 10000 exp, Ability to sell Deer Trophies, Lion Trophies and Wolf Trophies (3000gp each).
Trophy Hunter 70 (Level 130 required) 15000 exp, Demon Backpack, Ability to sell Demon Trophies (40,000 gp) Behemoth Trophies (20,000 gp), Dragon Lord Trophies (10,000 gp), Ability to buy Demon Backpack (1,000gp).
Elite Hunter 100 (Level 130 required) 30000 exp, Ability to accept a "special task" from Grizzly Adams (Minimum level requirement unkown).

Special Tasks

Task Requirements Reward
Tiquandas Revenge Elite Hunter Rank Chance to face Tiquanda's Revenge
Demodras Elite Hunter Rank Chance to face Demodras

Rank can only be gain by completing tasks from Grizzly Adams, killing the monsters and killing the boss count as separate tasks.

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